Focal Presents Elegia

After their entry into the high-end headphone market in 2016 with the groundbreaking Utopia and Elear models, Focal’s reputation for offering world-class reference listening has gone from strength to strength. Last year Focal also announced the introduction of another innovation: Clear, a third reference headphone which sought to bridge the gap between Elear and Utopia at a mid-way price point.

Whilst open-back reference headphones offer an unsurpassed personal listening experience in home environments, they do not always serve as the best option for portable audio out of the house, or in public settings. Fast-forward to Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 and Focal not only seem to have provided a solution, but have surpassed all expectations.

Introducing Elegia

Focal’s very first high-end closed-back headphone ‘Elegia' marks a legitimate turning point in the brand’s history. Drawing on their years of innovation from the Elear, Clear and Utopia models, Elegia utilises an ergonomic design aimed at ultimate comfort, incredible acoustic performance, and - a new benchmark for the menu - high-level sound isolation.

Focal Elegia circum-aural high-end reference headphones

Elegia, Focal's first closed-back high-end headphone

M-Shape Dome Driver

Elegia features Focal’s unique full-range 'M-shape' dome driver. Composed of aluminium and magnesium, the dome provides a particularly wide frequency response and the underlying basis of Elegia’s superbly dynamic sound.

Focal's unique Elegia M-Shape Dome Driver

Elegia's M-shaped dome tweeter

Frameless Voice Coil

For the voice coil, Focal employ a frameless design for the perfect balance of low weight and high rigidity. The coil is capable of reproducing minute accents and details, culminating in a rich sound canvas and very pleasing all-round performance.

Focal Elegia voice-coil assembly

Elegia's unique voice coil assembly

The fruit of Focal’s most recent design, research and development is a headphone offering remarkable tonal balance which listeners can enjoy for extended periods thanks to their supreme comfort, in almost any listening environment users might care to choose.


Focal has done a fabulous job of engineering a pair of audiophile closed-back headphones that can really rock with portable devices. All-in-all, Focal has produced a pair of headphones that serious audiophile will enjoy using on the move for listening without compromise.

- Mark Sparrow, Forbes Magazine - Oct 18

For information on pricing, availability and technical specifications for Focal Elegia, contact SCV for full details.

  • Posted on 12 October 2018 by Roy Brockington