SCV Acquires UK Distribution of Novafidelity

Today SCV are very pleased to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with Novafidelity in the UK and Ireland. The new partnership comes at an opportune time as the streaming product manufacturer launches a swathe of exciting new and updated models.

Established in 2003 as part of Korean manufacturer Novotron Co Limited’s portfolio of brands, Novafidelity's focus is on creating high quality multimedia players that provide an innovative user experience along with world-class musical delivery.

Versatile abilities can be found across Novafidelity’s expansive range including CD-ripping, major streaming service support (including Tidal and Qobuz, etc), wide format support for file types including Native DSD and MQA, phono inputs for vinyl playback, recording functionalities for up to 24bit/192khz from analogue or digital sources, and built-in storage capacities totalling up to 8GB.

Every model utilises Novafidelity’s MusicX control app for iOS/Android devices as well as 'MusicDB' their bespoke system for intelligent library management. Sources can also be managed via WebInterace (WebUI) or via the built-in Roon-Ready core system.

Exploring the range

Novafidelity X14 Streaming Multimedia PlayerX14

The entry level ‘all-in-one’ X14 features built-in Class D amplification, CD ripping capabilities, wired/wireless network and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as support for major streaming services. A huge number of features packed into a very cost effective system – just add speakers.

Novafidelity X50D streamer and multimedia playerX50D

Further up the range, the pure digital X50D Streamer improves on its X50 predecessor by adding comprehensive digital outputs including I²S on RJ45 & HDMI. Useful functions from the X50 such as 16GB raid storage configuration, CD-ripping and digital recording at 24 bit 192khz, built-in DAB radio and much more have all been carried through to the new model.

Novafidelity X45 streamer and multimedia playerX45

The X45 Streamer/DAC expands on the previous X40 format and feature set by adding new functionality and updating the audio specification to offer even greater audiophile performance, both while streaming and playing back from music databases. Under the hood is a powerful dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor, 16-core multi-controller, Dual ESS ES9018K2M Sabre DAC chips and carefully selected power components to ensure the best audio engine possible.

X45 Pro flagship multimedia and streaming playerX45Pro

Novafidelity’s most recent release and truly a world-class streaming product from start to finish. The X45Pro offers the same format and functionality as the X45 but with a supercharged specification to offer spectacular audio performance.

The X45Pro utilises a high-performance Quad Core ARM Cortex A9 processor, a 16-core micro-controller with advanced RISC architecture, a OPA627BP precision high-speed operational amplifier, and Sabre Pro's flagship ES9038PRO conversion chip supporting up to PCM 768kHz and native DSD512. The specially designed power circuit and components ensure a stable and noise-free environment to compliment all upgraded specifications enabling the X45Pro to convey an effortlessly dynamic and engaging musical performance.

SCV feel that Novafidelity's dedication to optimum audio performance and consistent innovation in the ways by which we stream, catalogue and listen to music chimes in perfect harmony with our own, and we are thrilled to bring this line of premium audio products to the UK and Ireland market.

For Novafidelity pricing, availability and all other product specifications, contact SCV today for further information.

  • Posted on 4 July 2018 by Anonymous