Triangle's S04 Anniversary speaker stand
Underside of top-plate - Triangle S04 Anniversary stand
Triangle S04 40th Anniversary Speaker Stand

Joining with the release of the 40th Anniversary edition Comete bookshelf speaker, Triangle present a stand with perfectly matching aesthetics.

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SKU TR-S0440/B
EAN 3660216007476

  • Anniversary edition stand for bookshelf speakers
  • Spikes and base pads included
  • Ballasted with sand bag included
  • Built-in cable management

Stability and style

While the S04 is a fantastic choice for almost any bookshelf speaker – measuring in at 704mm high excluding spikes – certain flourishes have also been added to the design specifically to make the Comete feel right at home.

The top plate of the S04 features holes specifically drilled to seat the Comete screws and offer increased rigidity. When attached, the speakers are made more stable all decoupling occurs at the base of the stand.

Fill your boots

The S04 includes built-in cavity through the length of the central column to store cabling for discreet integration. Two sets of decoupling spikes are included to serve different flooring types, including rose gold aluminium spikes and adjustable lock nuts for heigh adjustment, plus rubber adaptors for rigid surfaces.

To achieve even more stability and vibration absorption, the feet of the S04 can also be filled with sand or shot depending on user preference.

S04 loudspeaker stands from Triangle's 40th Anniversary range

Dimensions 260 x 320mm
Net Weight 8.6 kg (pair)