Triangle Present Magellan 40th in Space White

This month Triangle proudly present a sleek new look for their flagship Magellan 40th Anniversary range of reference loudspeakers.

Tis' The Season

The aptly named Space White features no fewer than twelve layers of piano-grade lacquer for a distinguished solid finish along with subtle glitter that strikes the perfect balance between luxury and modern aesthetics. Space White will sit alongside Triangle's existing three Magellan 40th Anniversary finishes: Space Black, Golden Oak and Zebrano.

A Growing Family

Triangle's Space White finish is now available across all four members of the Magellan 40th Anniversary range to accommodate bookshelf, floor-standing and centre speaker formats.

Quatuor 40th

Loaded with 6 freshly redesigned drivers and standing at 135cm tall, the Quatuor 40th is a master class in stereo image presentation. Extensive bass and neutrality makes this model extremely adept across all modern genres as well as the most delicate string quartet.

Triangle Quatuor 40th in Space White
Cello 40th

Picking up where Triangle's original Grand Concert model left off, Cello 40th achieves a uniquely intense listening experience by harnessing the power of redesigned Magellan 40th mid and low range drivers in chorus with Triangle's unique TZ2900 horn tweeter.

Triangle's' Cello 40th finished in Space White
Duetto 40th

Exceptional dynamic prowess is rare in compact speakers of only 46cm height, but this unique bookshelf speaker delivers rich depth across its full frequency range, aided by high quality components and next-generation Magellan 40th transducers.

Triangle's Duetto 40th finished in Space White
Voce 40th

The Voce 40th model makes building a multichannel home audio configuration with the Magellan 40th range a breeze. Perfectly designed to accommodate central speaker duties such as vocals and speech, Voce 40th is the perfect partner for home theatre and surround sound setups.

Triangle's Voce 40th in Space White

Available Winter 2023

Triangle's newly released finish will be landing in the UK just in time for snow season. For up to date dealer pricing, specs and assets, contact our Home Audio sales team.

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