SCV Announce UK Distribution of Triangle

Today on 1st July 2021 SCV are thrilled to announce a new partnership with HiFi loudspeaker manufacturer Triangle.

We are excited to begin this partnership with SCV Distribution. Its premium audio team has a proven track record building market share for high-quality audio brands and we look forward to building this partnership together and bringing the excellent sound quality and design of Triangle loudspeakers to UK consumers

Hugo Decelle, CEO (Triangle)

Based in Soisson France, Triangle have been innovating and manufacturing for four decades in a bespoke facility purpose built to satisfy their loudspeaker research and development priorities. More than 100 awards have been claimed for the Triangle brand during this time.

Triangle's impressive range of home audio solutions now covers a wide number of applications from bookshelf to floor-standing speakers as well as active digital solutions with network capabilities and app control.

The Magellan flagship loudspeaker range from Triangle


The Magellan line is Triangle's flagship range of luxury loudspeakers. Based on 5 years of research with a goal of uncompromising perfection, each Magellan speaker blends the best balance of Triangle signature craftsmanship with cutting edge technology and an aesthetic of alluring luxury.

Four models are available in the range, starting with the two-way bookshelf Duetto, all the way up to the floor-standing Cello and finally the Quatuor – a stunning three-way floor-stander measuring in at 1.34m with no fewer than six drivers per side.

To accommodate home theatre systems, a Voce horizontally oriented centre speaker is also available with a 2-way configuration.

Signature loudspeaker range from Triangle (from left to right: Theta, Alpha and Delta)Signature

Drawing on the design and manufacturing techniques mastered in their Magellan range, the Triangle Signature line incorporates the same tenacity for precision and uncompromising sound quality at a more affordable price point.

Four models are available including two floor-standers (Alpha and Delta), a Theta bookshelf speaker and finally the Gamma central channel speaker to cater for home surround systems.

Esprit EZ

The Espirit 'EZ' range from Triangle draws on 40 years of experience and acoustic expertise to deliver a range of affordable loudspeakers that also embody each facet of Triangle's design philosophy.

Each of seven loudspeaker models in the EZ range are capable of phenomenal sonic realism and detail throughout the frequency spectrum. For their size and price-point, Esprit EZ are truly in a class of their own.

Triangle's affordable ESPRIT range can be configured into a 5.1 or full home theatre system

Thetis & Tales

Triangle take bass very seriously and fully understand the desire of many listeners to extend their low end for more detail across deeper bass frequencies.

Tales and Thetis subwoofer models from TriangleEach of Triangle's Thetis and Tales subwoofers feature 8x10 inch drivers and extend the frequency response of systems as low as 20Hz. While some subs may focus simply on boost, Thetis 300, Thetis 340 and Tales 340 approach low end for a highly musical perspective in line with Triangle's philosophy of loudspeaker delivery.

Wireless Speakers & More

With a dedication to staying ahead of the home audio solution curve, Triangle are pleased to offer a number of active speakers designed for high-fidelity streaming.

From traditional bookshelf style active speakers such as the LN01A to desktop solutions like the AIO 3 and AIO Twin designed for optimum performance in any room of the house, Triangle's range of wireless speakers are designed to accommodate a wide range of digital technologies including Bluetooth and WiFi whilst also catering for analogue sources such as turntables via built-in ready to play phono stages.

Triangle's AIO range features multi-room playback and streaming functionality

Alongside their wide ranging loudspeaker lines, Triangle also offer a source product for vinyl enthusiasts which pairs perfectly with their active speaker range as well as any amplifier offering phono connectivity. The Triangle Turntable has been designed in partnership with revered Austrian manufacturer ProJect and features a belt drive, low drive motor and aluminium tone arm.

Simply named 'Turntable', this vinyl deck is a perfect match for Triangle speaker products both in tone and aesthetic.

After a long and extensive search for a suitable HiFi speaker brand we are incredibly excited to have found what we feel is a great match for SCV. Triangle celebrate their 40th Anniversary this year and with that comes four decades of evolution and experience in building a very well regarded range of superb HiFi speakers."

Matt Esau, Director - HiFi Division (SCV)

Coming to the UK from July 1st

SCV are delighted to be bringing this new line of prestigious HiFi products to the United Kingdom and Ireland. For all enquiries relating to pricing, availability and to become a Triangle dealer contact our Consumer Audio sales team.

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