Redefining Audio Mastery: Empyrean II

This month Meze Audio proudly present the eagerly awaited follow up to their signature planar magnetic headphone. With all expected fanfare, SCV are hugely excited to meet the Empyrean II.

Pursuit of Audio Perfection

Empyrean II seeks to harness all of the best-loved features of its predecessor to create a next-generation listening experience packed with artistic flare, technological innovation and the highest level of craftsmanship.

Empyrean II planar magnetic from Meze Audio

When creating Empyrean II, our goal was to enhance the headphones’ ability to reproduce fine details and achieve a more neutral sound signature, all the while preserving the original 'easy to listen to' character. With this in mind, our engineers have masterfully harnessed the driver’s power to reveal new possibilities in terms of responsiveness and accuracy and even make the driver more reliable in challenging acoustic environments.

Meze Audio’s Managing Director, Mircea Fanatan

Classic Aesthetics, Modern Sophistication

The Empyrean II's lustrous black assembly has been crafted through CNC milling for a matte finish with silver accents. The original Empyrean's iconic grille has been fully reimagined to incorporate art deco themes for an aesthetic profile which is simultaneously modern and classic.

Empyrean II's redesigned earcup grill

Beneath the hood, Meze's engineers have even further refined the revered Hybrid Array driver made by Rinaro Isodynamics for an even more neutral presentation and formidable clarity.

Tailored Listening

Empyrean II ships with two sets of brand new Duo earpads specially designed by Meze for a unique and tailored listening experience. A precise blend of premium leather and Alcantara ensures a harmonious balance of tone that plays well with any musical genre.

New Duo pads for Empyrean II

As with the original Empyrean, Meze's commitment to comfort is front and centre. Their meticulously designed headband instantly adapts to the shape of any head minimising weight for a truly ergonomic listening experience.

Shipping November 2023

UK orders for Empyrean II are now open. For additional specifications, pricing and availability or to become a Meze dealer, contact our home audio sales team.

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