Meze Release Tungsten Finish ELITE

Today Meze proudly unveil their flagship headphone in a brand new sophisticated flavour. A feast for the eyes of headphone and sophisticated design fans alike, SCV are delighted to present the ELITE Tungsten to the UK.

ELITE in Tungsten - front view

An Elite History

Originally released in Autumn of 2021, Meze’s hugely successful flagship – the ELITE headphone – is an open-back circumaural headphone powered by isodynamic hybrid array drivers built by long-time Meze collaborators RINARO.

Asides from their formidable driver array, ELITE includes a number of additional technical innovations designed to assist performance and, crucially, comfort during longer listening periods. The ELITE carbon fibre headband is twinned with unique pressure distribution wings (also found on Empyrean models) for ultimate support, while ELITE’s revolutionary iso-magnetic ear pads feature an anthropometric ear cup shape for a groundbreaking sense of audio isolation.

Meze's ELITE during hand assembly

Tungsten Strength

In contrast to the striking aluminium sheen of Meze’s original ELITE, the Tungsten model is finished primarily in darker graphite tones blended with subtle silver sparkle for an understated and highly sophisticated aesthetic.

Meze's ELITE flagship finished in Tungsten

This colour was not chosen by chance. Tungsten is an exceptionally strong and durable material, and we chose it to enforce our commitment to making things that are reliable, things that last well through the years.

Antonio Meze, Founder (Meze Audio)

Armed with more than a decade of technological innovation and design prowess, ELITE Tungsten is the perfect choice for audiophiles who value both sound quality and style.

ELITE Tungsten with redesigned carry case

Shipping April 2023

ELITE Tungsten will be available worldwide on March 23rd with the same price tag as its Aluminium sibling. For full details on pricing and availability contact our home audio sales team.

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