Meze Release 109 PRO Dynamic Headphone

Delivering on one of the most hotly anticipated headphone products of 2022, Meze Audio proudly present the 109 PRO. Previewed at a number of global headphone trade shows throughout the year, 109 PRO is Meze’s first dynamic open-back model and promises pure emotive performance, betting on tried and tested design fundamentals in a fast-paced technological world.

Our first dynamic open-back headphone, 109 PRO is a demonstration of our commitment to go beyond the faithful reproduction of sound to deliver pure emotion. In a world of fast-paced technology, we bet on proven fundamentals.

Meze Audio

Acoustic Design At Its Best

To meet the worthy goals set out by the 109 PRO’s mission statement, Meze devoted significant time to materials research resulting in the development of a new dual-membrane diaphragm design. Composed of a Beryllium-coated polymer, cellulose, carbon fibre composite and copper-zinc alloy mix, the newly named 109 series diaphragm achieves a key balance of mass and stiffness that optimises its sonic abilities to remarkable new levels.

Perhaps one of the most striking new traits of the 109 PRO is its spider-esque ear cup design. The meticulously chosen structure works in tandem with the acoustically transparent inner grill to allow exposure to the driver from both sides. Meze proudly note that this creates their most open acoustic pattern of any headphone to date.

Meze 109 Pro features a newly designed 50mm driver


Comfort Is King

Designed with lengthy or even indulgent listening sessions in mind, the 109 PRO is armed with super-comfortable cushions that form an optimal seal for audio playback. Finished with velour rather than leather, the 109 series cushions avoid sweat while reducing the risk of overheating.

109 PRO drivers are specially tuned in-house by Meze’s engineering team to deliver huge detail, organic character and an emotionally engaging sound. Combined with an assembly of walnut wood, zinc, manganese steel and vegan leather, the 109’s structure achieves lightness as excellent well durability.

Meze Audio's highly anticipated 109-Pro open-back headphones

Compatibility For All Setups

Thanks to its low impedance specification, 109 PRO can be easily driven by portable and home audio systems alike. Providing excellent imaging that brings full-bodied transients to life, the headphone delivers organic character, remarkable detail and just the right amount of punch for a truly engaging and emotional listening experience.

Available September 2022

109 PRO is publicly available to preorder from 15th September 2022. For information on pricing, demonstrations or to become a UK Meze retail partner, contact our home audio sales team.


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