Manley Labs Ships OASIS Phono Stage

This month SCV are delighted to announce the arrival of Manley's latest audiophile masterpiece into the United Kingdom, the OASIS phono stage.

OASIS is the highly anticipated successor to Manley's popular Chinook phono stage, embodying all of the flexibility to accommodate any turntable setup with supreme linearity as well as a few key evolutions and improvements.

Bold New Looks

OASIS features several cosmetic upgrades over its predecessor including a newly designed deeper chassis sporting a solid steel top. The beautifully sculpted radius edges are accented by an inlaid race-track style faceplate which exudes elegance while blending seamlessly into any hifi rack.

Manley's OASIS is available in 3 bold finishes

As with most other current Manley models, OASIS is available in a choice of three fascia finishes including the signature Manley Blue, Black and Silver.

Improvements Under The Hood

For ease of access, gain controls are located on the OASIS's rear panel adjacent to the stage's loading switches.

Gain switches located on the OASIS rear panel

Additionally, OASIS benefits from Manley's latest proprietary switch-mode power supply technology, aptly named MANLEY POWER® and delivering a huge sonic improvement compared to the CHINOOK.

OASIS's newly designed Manley switch-mode power supply

OASIS is named after one of our dearest Mastering Studio partners. OASIS Mastering was founded in the mid-1990’s by Eddy Schreyer. David Manley was hired to design and build Eddy’s first version of the OASIS Mastering facility on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City.


Midway through the construction, David Manley left the country and moved to France leaving us to carry on and complete the installation. It was an emotionally charged time in my life, and these internal feelings fueled me to work hard and perform at a higher level. Eddy and fellow mastering engineer Gene Grimaldi were supportive friends to me at the time, and still are today.


We all needed each other to move through those disruptive times, that’s for sure. Tying it back to the name of this phono stage, as this is a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ design, after the loading and gain switches are set, you are invited to put aside your work and enjoy your musical vacation with our OASIS, a retreat for your vinyl enjoyment.

EveAnna Manley (President, Manley Labs)

Available Now

OASIS is now available from UK authorised dealers. For further information on specs, pricing or availability reach out to our Home Audio sales team.

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