IsoTek Names SCV as UK Distributor

Today SCV are thrilled to announce a new partnership with revered English power conditioning and cable manufacturing heavyweights IsoTek Systems.

We are excited to be working with and represented by SCV Distribution, an organisation with almost four decades in both Pro and Consumer Audio. We are confident that together we can bring the topic of clean power technology and enhanced audio and video playback to a wider audience.

Keith Martin – Managing Director, IsoTek

Products for Pure Sound

Duly recognised as a leader in clean-power technology, IsoTek’s mission is to provide better solutions for the poor mains power quality that affects and limits the performance of countless home audio and audiovisual systems.

Through meticulous research and multiple groundbreaking innovations, IsoTek now boasts a product range of power-cleaning tools capable of providing optimised power to a wide range of audio and AV components with enhanced performance and hugely improved electrical protection.

Enjoyed by over 100 thousand customers across more than 50 countries, IsoTek’s portfolio of products features award winning solutions to suit any audio system at any price point.

Meet the Range

From the entry-level Discovery range all the way to Ultimate, IsoTek’s products are each manufactured in Europe to an incredibly high standard with longevity at the core of their design.

Discovery Series

Designed to improve, enhance and protect the cherished audio components, the Discovery Series offers award winning power conditioning products all at an attractively affordable price point.

IsoTek's innovative and highly affordable Discovery range of power-cleaning products

Products include the Initium and Premier power cables, Corvus and Polaris distribution blocks, Elektra mains conditioner and the ingenious IsoPlug noise reducer.

Performance Series

IsoTek’s Performance Series seeks to realise the true capabilities of audio equipment by achieving improved sound quality, greater levels of detail and a widened dynamic range.

IsoTek's Performance range featuring V5 Aquarius conditioner

Explore the newly released V5 Aquarius and Sirius mains distribution blocks or Syncro cables featuring inline DC blocking capsule technology.

Select Series

The Select Series shoots for maximum musical enjoyment. Some of IsoTek’s most innovative technological advances in clean-power serve to deliver incredible performance, acknowledged as some of the best clean-power tech available on the market internationally.

Select Series incorporating V5 Sigmas, Nova and Titan conditioners

Mosaic Series

Mosaic from IsoTek is a range of compact power cleaning systems that are half or full width rack-mountable. Each Mosaic Genesis offers pristine mains conditioning, voltage stabilisation and sine wave generation for impressively optimised results.

Mosaic Series of compact power cleaning and distribution units

Ultimate Series

IsoTek’s flagship range of high-end power cleaning components utilising revolutionary technologies to fully transform the performance of top-tier audio systems and AV systems alike.

IsoTek's Ultimate Series for premium high-end home audio protection

Among the Ultimate ranks are IsoTek’s EVO3 SuperNova, Genesis and SuperTitan power conditioners, along with the groundbreaking EVO3 Ascension cable range.

Unrivalled Protection

Across each of IsoTek’s comprehensive product ranges, protection plays a continuous and important role. Lightning strikes and power surges can often diminish or even cut short the life of a home audio component, and for the upper echelons of audiophile equipment this can result in undesirable future costs.

IsoTek products offer unrivalled protection from these occurrences along with differential mode and common mode noise reduction at every turn. Grain is reduced and clarity is boosted, resulting in an immediate and profound improvement to the sound quality for any home audio or AV component.

IsoTek Systems name SCV as disributor for UK & Ireland

SCV are extremely excited to add IsoTek to our growing and diverse Home Audio portfolio. As another well respected and long-established name, it represents a great fit alongside our other premium brands.

Matt Esau - Director (Hi-Fi Division)

Unleash Your System’s Full Potential

IsoTek products are now available from SCV Distribution in the UK and Ireland. For all enquiries relating to pricing, specifications or to become a retailer, contact our Home Audio sales team.

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