Introducing The Triangle Borea Range

This month SCV are delighted to announce distribution of Triangle's Borea range of HiFi speakers for the UK and Ireland.

Quality High-Fidelity For All

The Borea range benefits from decades of acoustic research, drawing particular inspiration from Triangle's EZ Esprit line to create a family of affordable, engaging listening products to suit any home audio setting. Each BR-series bookshelf, floor-standing and home cinema surround speaker model boasts a sleek and elegant design with neutral colours designed to blend seamlessly into any aesthetic.

Shared Technologies

Each driver array in the Borea family borrows knowhow from the upper echelons of Triangle's product line up. The most frequently-seen component across the range is Triangle's cellulose midrange which features a 100% natural cellulose paper diaphragm. Utilising research from the creation of Triangle's Esprit midrange drivers, the specially chosen material allows for remarkable realism and tonality while avoiding colouration of intermediate frequencies, resulting in a clean and truly enveloping performance.

Meet The Range

The core Borea range consists of five traditional-format HiFi speaker models, increasing in size and power from the BR02 bookshelf all the way up to the BR09 floor-stander measuring in at over a meter in height. Catering with models to fit any circumstance – no matter how grand – Borea BR-series HiFi speakers can fill rooms from 20 square metres all the way up to 30 and above.

Triangle's Borea range including bookshelf, floor-stander and center speaker models

For audio-visual users, or music listeners with a taste for surround-sound the Borea range also features a BRC1 center-channel speaker designed to elevate dialogue and vocals at the centre of any multi-channel setup.

BT Bluetooth Models

For users in the market for a compact all-in-one HiFi system, two Borea models are also available with built in amplification, multiple input arrays and even a dedicated phono stage for direct hook up to turntables.

Borea BR02BT and BR03BT all-in-one models

Armed with a 13cm natural cellulose midrange driver, the BR02BT offers 50W of Class-D power per side while the larger BR03BT model features a 16.5cm drier and dual built-in 60W amplifiers.

BRA1 For Home Cinema

The final member of the Borea range is a speaker designed specifically for surround listening systems such as Atmos for immersive and home cinema applications. The BRA1 can be either used vertically atop BR-series speaker models or horizontally via wall-mount as part of any 3.1.2 all the way to 9.2.4 multi-channel listening configuration.

Borea BRA1 Home Cinema surround speakers

EISA Award 2020-2021

In 2020 the Borea range landed the very prestigious "Best Buy Home Theatre Speaker System" award from the Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA):

For its new multichannel speaker range, Triangle has crafted cabinets with a stylish, clean aesthetic while firmly keeping an affordable price point in its sights.

Borea's 2020-2021 EISA Award for Best Buy Home Theatre

For those building a wallet-friendly home theatre, you can’t go wrong with these.


UK Distribution Now Available

The full Borea range is now available for distribution in the UK. For pricing, availability or to become a Borea dealer, contact our Home Audio sales team.

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