Empire Ears Release The Raven

Empire Ears’ non-stop quest to revolutionise the portable music listening experience continues with the release of their new flagship Raven IEM.

Brand New ‘Quadbrid’ Design

Made in USA, Raven is powered by no fewer than nine of Empire Ears’ proprietary driver designs for an incredibly immersive listening experience.

Empire Ears Raven - Black and open

Five proprietary balanced-armature drivers are combined with four electrostatics to handle high and low end respectively.

Drawing on Empire Ears’ revered crossover technology, a synX network is then employed to ensure that frequencies are meticulously and fairly shared between each driver.

Empire Ears Raven's internal design exploded

New Adventures in Metallurgy

Raven’s outer shell is equipped with a striking 316L fully stainless steel plate. Asides from its attractive looks, the specially forged plating also aids resonance, amplification and even dispersion of sound waves to deliver Raven’s incredible acoustic performance and distinctive sound signature.

Limited Run Launch Edition

Available specially for early adopters, Empire Ears have released a unique Launch Edition Raven featuring golden finish plates, a Saffiano custom storage case, Raven Challenge Coin accessory and a personal thank you note from Empire Ears’ Dean and Jack Vang.

Standard Raven and the limited-run Launch Edition

Shipping Summer 2023

UK orders for the Raven and extremely limited run Launch Edition are now open! For all enquiries relating to Empire Ears contact our Home Audio sales team.

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