Empire Ears Announces Legend EVO

Following the dramatic popularity of the Legend X in-ear monitor, this month Austin TX outfit Empire Ears proudly unveil their long awaited successor and the next evolutionary step in personal listening excellence – Legend EVO.

Empire Ears' Legend EVO IEM featuring 8-driversHarnessing Aural Anatomy

Legend EVO is the product of decades of experience and pioneering development in audio component architecture. By breaking down the hearing system to three primary regions - outer ear, middle ear and inner ear - Empire Ears have under taken the task of targeting each part of the physical listening experience separately to optimise audio performance at every single stop.

Powered by an almost intimidating octo-driver tribrid configuration at its core, Legend’s new EVO variant is capable of unprecedented levels of detail, imaging and soundstage.

Dual Conductivity

The Legend EVO tackles conduction from two fronts. Dual W9+ subwoofers combined with 5 balanced armature drivers take on the full range of 5Hz - 20kHz via air conduction, while simultaneously a specially mounted W10 driver focuses on the 5Hz-35kHz range using bone conduction.

This combination fo conductivity methods delivers remarkable imaging from crystal clear highs all the way down to extended low frequencies for a truly powerful performance.

Empire Ears' Weapon X (aka W10) driver for ultimate bone conductionMeet Weapon X

The W10 or ‘Weapon X’ is a new driver design from Empire Ears built to perform as the most groundbreaking bone conductivity module used in IEMs today. Within the design of the Legend EVO, a W10 is situated within its own specially made cavity at the very top of the shell to keep all sonic vibrations internal and optimise conductivity transfer as much as possible.

W10’s steel chassis is composed of nickel plated cold-rolled steel specially chosen to eliminate coloration which may impact sound through internal resonance or flex, while its N52 neodymium magnet is composed of a unique blend of high grade neodymium, plus iron and boron. This unique blend of materials plays a huge part in the Weapon X’s game-changing performance.

Due to the W10’s immense output, Empire have employed specific measures in crafting the Legend EVO’s enclosure to ensure proper tuning, resonance and volume management. These include dual-triport vents for harnessing optimal output, Empire’s proprietary ARC treatment for eliminating unwanted sound, and a custom spec cast polymer to seal the shell and channel internal sonic vibrations toward the listener while bouncing unwanted energy outside.

Legend EVO, Empire Ears successor to the popular Legend X IEM model

Picking Up The Gauntlet

Taking a number of aesthetic queues from its predecessor, Legend EVO assumes a minimalist and understated appearance, featuring a classic Empire Ears and two unique logos – Empire’s signature wingspan emblem, and a new EVO logo designed to denote the evolution of IEM technology.

Empire Ears’ Legend EVO launch edition is limited to 400 pieces and includes a custom crafted hand-dyed leather case from Vishnu Leather in South Korea.

For pricing and availability, contact our consumer audio team or check out our product page for a list of authorised dealers.

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