Art of Evolution: Meze Liric II

This month Meze Audio proudly announce the successor to their original Liric isodynamic closed-back headphone. With all appropriate fanfare and more, we're delighted to present the Liric II.

Design has never been a static practice. But I don’t believe in revolutions. In fact, nothing is ever truly a revolution and we should be aware of that. The very concept of revolution is as romanticised as the one of disruption is glorified. 

What seems a revolution to an untrained eye, is in fact a series of events and factors that determine each other. One only has to zoom in. Those who call it simply a revolution, often don’t see the more granular nature of such events.

Antonio Meze (Founder, Meze Audio)

Shipping in March 2024, the Liric II benefits from recent innovations higher up the chain in Meze's portfolio, including from models such as the Empyrean II and Elite.

Liric II from Meze featuring new hardwood ear cup design

Designed in partnership with longtime Meze collaborator Rinaro Isodynamics, the second generation Liric delivers a refined sound which claims the perfect middle-ground between balance and warmth.

A newly designed resonator mask or "QWRM" has been incorporated to strategically cover selected openings across the driver frame. High-frequency peaks that crest above the 7kHz mark are precisely attenuated resulting in a less fatiguing and more enjoyable overall listening experience.

Familiar Aesthetics

The Liric II's overall design has been crafted to preserve the original look and feel of its predecessor with only ones striking exception. Macassar ebony has been selected to inject some desirable warmth into the earcup assemblies, punctuated by intricate gold and brown stripes for a rich appearance.

The nature of Meze's chosen hardwood ensures each Liric II from the factory bears its own unique essence for each lucky owner.

Liric II features detachable magnetic ear pad assemblies

Trickle Down Rewards

With the second generation Liric design, Meze have also borrowed the popular magnetic ear pad technology used in their Empyrean models. This ensures that the pads can be easily swapped out for improved reliability and ease of servicing if ever required.

PES Technology

Each Liric II ear cup features a tuned air vent as part of Meze's Pressure Equalisation System (or PES). The precise position and trajectory of each vent improves chamber pressure for dramatically improved detail and an airy, transparent sound.

Liric II's pressure equalisation system for improved clarity

Every 'new' thing is not only strongly dependent on existing context, it is born out of it to the point that it is in a way incorrect to call it new. The higher aim of our design and development process has always been to deliver a transformational experience for people, a transformation through emotions and sensations. Every day we try to get just a little bit better at it.

Antonio Meze

Shipping Spring 2024

Liric IIs are now available to order from authorised UK retailers. For full details on specifications and pricing, contact our home audio sales team.

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