AIO TWIN Lands What Hi-Fi? Award 2022

Celebrating its 40th year, 2022’s edition of the What Hi-Fi? Awards dutifully scour the globe to collate the very best in HiFi home cinema and consumer technology. What Hi-Fi’s expert review team take on 26 categories from amplifiers and DACs to soundbars and speakers, including both past and present releases to hone a list of products that truly epitomise today’s best-in-class performance.

This month SCV were delighted to learn that Triangle’s AIO TWIN had faced down several formidable contenders to land the title of Best All In One System - under £1000.

What HiFi's Best All In One System (under £1000) Award

A Talented All-In-One System That Can Do It All

On 12th October 2022, What Hi-Fi published a full review of the AIO TWIN running through initial impressions, the system’s full feature set and a live listening test using multiple listening formats.

The review team praised AIO TWIN’s classy and appealingly sized cabinets for their flexibility in placement options, aluminium feet with rubber supports for minimising vibrations, and particularly the rear panel colour key for determining which source is playing back at any given moment.

It may look like a pair of ‘normal’ speakers, but this a fully-fledged, versatile music system in its own right, with a whole host of features and a level of performance that makes for quite the bargain at this price point

Moving onto the AIO TWIN’s main feature set, the reviewers laid out all of the system’s myriad connectivity options both wired and wireless, remarking that the product is capable of playing “just about anything”. The offer of up to 192kHz resolution in particular was applauded for accommodating users with larger digital music libraries or access to a high-res streaming platform such as Tidal or Qobuz. Triangle’s proprietary smartphone app for playback, streaming control and multi-room functions was also warmly received:

Despite all the various things this Triangle system can do, setting it up is easy and straightforward. The Triangle AIO app is comprehensive, responsive and makes the set-up process, streaming and daily use a breeze.

On the physical connectivity side, What Hi-Fi gave a special mention to AIO TWIN’s built-in phono stage negating the need for additional conversion products to use the system for vinyl:

The Triangle system also has a built-in phono stage, meaning you can directly plug in your (moving magnet only) turntable to the AIO Twin without the need for extra boxes. It’s a neat solution for those dipping their toes into vinyl.

Triangle's AIO TWIN set finished in Graphite Black


What Hi-Fi put the AIO TWINs through their places with a couple of tracks hand-picked to test the system’s agility and range. Circling from Four Tet’s There Is Love In You album offers a stern test of timing and dynamics which the AIO TWIN was able to handle with playful touch and an agreeable level of control:

It organises the complicated strands of instruments and noises with a confidence that seems easy – that’s quite the skill.

The system offered a similarly strong performance with Charlotte Lawrence’s Joke’ On You from Birds Of Prey: The Album delivering a pleasingly big and spacious sound-field.

"There’s ample power here too, giving a big power ballad plenty of welly when needed."

The reviewers also commented on the taut, shapely and snappy character of the bass response despite the size of the AIO TWIN’s cabinets along with a treble register that is punchy but never too bright.

This system is incredibly fun to listen to. It’s an enthusiastic performer, happy to tackle any music genre and recording quality, and simply wants you to enjoy the music being played.

But alongside that dose of fun, there is a mature sense of composure running through its veins that is really impressive.

Totting up final scores, What Hi-Fi honoured the AIO TWIN with a 4 for build and a humbling five stars for both sound and features.

Like the very best kit, we want to keep on listening to the Triangle AIO Twin...If you’re looking for a fun music system that also sounds hugely capable in hi-fi terms, and that you don’t have to pay over a grand for, this system is worth your attention.

Check out the full review of Triangle's AIO TWIN system online at What Hi-Fi, or to check out winners from alternative categories check out the full winners article here.

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