Meze Audio Liric II Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

Meze's Liric II isodynamic hybrid array headphone
Meze Liric II featuring Macassar ear cups
Front view of Meze's Liric II isodynamic headphones
Meze Liric II Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

Meze present the worthy successor to their original closed-back isodynamic headphone featuring hybrid array drivers, magnetic detachable ear pads and a unique pressure equalisation system.

£1899.00 inc VAT
EAN 698596028364

  • Rinaro hybrid array MZ4 drivers
  • Detachable magnetic ear pads
  • Lightweight magnesium frame
  • Stainless steel headband with padded cushions
  • Optimal airflow control PES System
  • Macassar ebony wood earcups

Liric II is a high-end portable headphone sporting a closed-back circumaural design along with MZ4 hybrid array drivers, created in collaboration with Rinaro Isodynamics.

Unlike the neutral black cups of its predecessor, Liric II features hardwood Macassar ebony cups, accented by gold and brown stripes for a warm and truly striking presentation.

Each Liric II model ships with multiple cable types to cater for a wide range of audiophile source components. A 4.4mm terminated copper PCUHD cable is included for balanced duties, while a longer 3.5mm TPE cable is on hand for unbalanced sources (including a 6.35mm gold plated adaptor).

PES System
Meze's Liric II PES venting system

Meze's Pressure Equalisation System strategically places tuned vents on each of the Liric II's outer cups to ensure for impeccable clarity and transparency.

Detachable Earpads
Liric II including dual cables and magnetic earpads

Borrowing a technology from higher up the Meze chain, each Liric II ear pad may be magnetically moved for ease of swapping and servicing.

Liric II from Meze Audio

Frequency Response 4 - 92,000 Hz
Impedance 61 Ohm
Nominal SPL 100 dB (1mW/1kHz)
Max SPL > 130 dB
THD < 0.15%
Termination 3.5 mm TRS jack
Weight 427g