Meze Audio Elite Hybrid Array Isodynamic Headphone

Meze ELITE flagship headphone in Tungsten
Side view of Meze's Tungsten finished ELITE
ELITE isodynamic headphone in Tungsten finish
Meze Elite Hybrid Array Isodynamic Headphone

Building on the immense success of the Empyrean model of 2018, Meze Audio introduce a brand new isodynamic hybrid array model to their high-end headphone range.

£3749.00 inc VAT
EAN 761062121200

  • Isodynamic hybrid array configuration
  • New redesigned and retuned driver made in partnership with Rinaro
  • Low mass acoustic Parus diaphragm
  • Complex CNC processed aluminium frame
  • Pressure distribution wing headband
  • Iso-magnetic earpad coupling technology
  • Ships with two earpads including 1x hybrid leather/Alcantara
Hi-Fi+ Magazine

"In sonic terms, the Meze Audio Elite have next-to-nothing to apologise for"

Darko Audio

"Elite makes a strong case for being one of the very best headphones in the world"


"For those that wanted more air and treble shimmer, it has that. Those who still wanted great vocal presence and that natural Meze house tone, you have that also"

Headfonia - HFN Recommended

"Meze together with Rinaro built new drivers from the ground up, and that resulted in a more balanced, faster, more precise and cleaner sounding headphone"


ELITE is the product of a continued partnership with Ukrainian planar magnetic driver manufacturer Rinaro Isodynamics. Each ELITE model features a newly designed MZ3SE hybrid array driver featuring Rinario's trademarked Parus diaphragm material.

Parus is unique polymer film strengthened by a semi-crystalline microstructure. When harnessed within a Rinaro driver, the material exhibits remarkable traits of stiffness and stability, producing a natural sound transparency along with a wide and articulate soundstage.

Dual Coil Technology
ELITE's isodynamic drivers feature dual coil technology

ELITE utilises two separate coil technologies, switchback for lower frequencies and spiral for mid and upper frequencies. This specific configuration enables improved frequency targeting for individual parts of the aural canal, presenting a clearer soundstage and superior balance.

Personalise Your Soundstage
ELITE features two choices of earpads each with unique soundstages

Each ELITE headphone ships with two distinct ear pad options which attach to the earcup assembly purely through the demagnetised field of the hybrid array drivers. Angled Alacantara pads are supplied for an experience similar to suede, along with a newly developed 25mm 'hybrid' pads for real leather feel as well as the internal flexibility of Alacantara.

Elite - featuring hybrid array planar drivers, side view

Driver Rinaro MZ3SE Isodynamic Hybrid Array
Frequency Response 3 - 112,000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohm
Nominal SPL 101 dB
Max SPL > 130 dB
THD < 0.05%
Weight 430g