Meze Audio Advar Single Driver Dynamic IEM

ADVAR from Meze Audio
ADVAR portable IEMs from Meze Audio
Meze Advar Single Driver Dynamic IEM

Featuring a flawless stainless steel chassis, specially tuned drivers and incredible warmth Advar might just be the luckiest in-ear there is.

From the archaic civilisations of Romania: Advar roughly translates to talisman or amulet, a symbol designed to bing blessings and good luck. In this case the blessings come in the form of incredibly detail and lifelike sound, all within a beautifully black chrome plated earphone from Meze Audio.

£669.00 inc VAT
EAN 0615517935655

  • Easily driven, pairs well with any source
  • High sensitivity, lower impedance
  • Rock-solid shell shape
  • 10.2mm dynamic driver
  • Solid stainless-steel chassis
  • Metal injection moulded
  • High-gloss black chrome plating
  • Type E model ear tips from Final Audio

Thanks to Advar’s high sensitivity and low impedance metrics, the IEM is easily driven by a multitude of different sources and devices. Delivering 30kHz all the way down to 10Hz in the low end, Advar makes for a truly revealing presentation.

For the Advar’s ear tips, Meze have painstakingly selected a part that plays to the Advar IEM’s best strengths both improving bass and softening harsher trebles. Type-E tips are manufactured by Japanese firm Final Audio and complete Advar’s rock solid assembly.

Meze Advar featuring 10.2mm dynamic drivers

Driver 10.2mm, dynamic
Frequency Range 10 Hz - 30 kHz
SPL 111dB/mW
Distortion <1% at 1kHz
Impedance 31 Ω