Manley Labs STINGRAY II Integrated Tube Stereo Amp

Stingray II integrated amplifier from Manley Labs
Rear panel of Manley's Stingray II
Manley's Stingray II ships with remote control included
Manley Labs STINGRAY II Integrated Tube Stereo Amp

Manley Labs present their second generation Stingray stereo integrated amplifier with refreshed functionality and cosmetics. Stingray II strikes a confident balance between design and sonics aimed to satisfy meticulous audiophiles and level-pushing rockers alike.

£8799.00 inc VAT
EAN 89083300067

  • All-vacuum lo-feedback stereo integrated design
  • 8x EL84 output tubes
  • 2x 12BH7EH dual triodes driver tubes
  • 2x 12AT7EH input tubes
  • Triode / UL output mode switchable
  • Headphone & recording outputs
  • Dedicated subwoofer output
  • Tape loop insert with Bypass switch
  • Programmable sleep timer (15-60 minutes)
  • RF / IR remote compatible
StereoNET Applause Award

"It brings out the joy of music, never highlighting flaws in recordings that often make you reach for audiophile test discs"

Hi-Fi+ Magazine

"Whatever you play there is a fluidity to the sound that makes it extremely compelling, the Stingray II makes a lot of amplifiers sound mechanical"

HiFi Plus

It swims with the sharks: fast, agile, fluid, and with consummate authority - Manley Labs

Next Gen 'Ray

Stingray II inherits the very best from its 1997 launched predecessor that made the original Stingray one of Manley’s all-time bestselling products.

The second-gen model includes just as much attention to detail with regard to component placement, along with optimisation fo the signal path to achieve the highest possible purity and symmetry. Evolving the design, Stingray II also includes a substantially increased voltage tube energy storage capacity for even more detail and impact in the low end, a new dedicated headphone jack rerouting output from the speaker jacks, and a new 3.5mm minijack input designed to accommodate computers, smart phones and other portable listening devices.

Inputs are routed via individually sealed gold contacts before hitting the 12AT7 input tube stage, and can be individually trimmed to accommodate a variety of different sources. The powerful push-pull output stage meanwhile is powered by highly trustworthy EL84 tubes and can be switched between 20W Triode mode or 40W Ultra Linear operation.

All custom user-settings are hard-coded to be saved between power cycles and when in standby mode.

Remote Control Friendly

The Stingray II’s remote control functionality is compatible across two main frequency types: Radio Frequency and InfraRed. RF dispenses with the need for point-and-click control and is adept at transmitting through walls and cabinets for ultimate ease of use even at range. InfraRed meanwhile is a medium popular with Universal Remote Controls, making it a popular option for users applying a master control across their entire listening system.

Manley's Stingray II valve integrated stereo amplifier

Frequency Response 15 Hz - 58 kHz, -1dB
Gain 35 dB at max Volume
Input Sensitivity 41mV Triode, 35mV UL
Crosstalk -72dB
Signal to Noise 72 dB A-weighted
THD+N 64 db @ 1W output
Input Impedance 12 kOhm nominal
Recommended Load 5 Ohms
Output Impedance 53 Ohms headphone, 2.36 Ohms speaker @ 20Hz
Damping Factor 2.4
Dimensions 483 x 356 x 191mm, 15.8kg