Manley Labs SNAPPER Tube Monoblock Amplifiers

SNAPPER monoblocks from Manley Labs
Angle view of Manley's SNAPPER power amplifier
Rear panel view of the SNAPPER monoblock
Manley Labs SNAPPER Tube Monoblock Amplifiers

Launched in 2002 and armed with with a fully differential circuit topology, SNAPPER remains one of Manley’s tastiest 100W monoblock power amplifiers to date.

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EAN 89083300001

  • Sold/priced in pairs
  • 1x 12AX7 input tube
  • 1x 7044 driver tube
  • 4x Tungsol EL34B output tubes
  • Custom Manley output transformer
  • Fully balanced circuit topology
  • XLR/RCA inputs

Thanks to the fully differential design, SNAPPER can can be driven either via its balanced XLR inputs or unbalanced RCAs with equally impressive results and without sacrificing any performance or detail along the way. SNAPPER’s XLR inputs may be particularly desirable for users with balanced preamps, since taking full advantage of the preamp’s balanced outputs requires no balancing input circuitry or input transformers.

Strong and Natural Sound
Manley SNAPPER's EL34 tubes

At the heart of each SNAPPER power amplifier is a quartet of pristine EL34 tubes, running in a fully differential circuit topology alongside a Manley Labs hand-wound output transformer boasting no fewer than 19 sections.

100W at 10 Cycles
SNAPPER from Manley delivers 100W at 10 cycles

SNAPPER comfortably delivers 100W at 10 cycles across the amplifier’s full frequency range, even achieving up to 110W between 15Hz and 40kHz.

Dual SNAPPER monoblocks from Manley Labs

Input Impedance 475 Kohm RCA, 15K / 600 Ohm switchable XLR
Input Sensitivity 750mV RCA output / 1.5 V XLR @ 15Kohms = 110W
Gain 31 dB RCA, 25 dB XLR
Negative Feedback factory set for 9dB of global NFB
Max Output 110 Watts into 5 ohms (1.5% THD @ 1kHz)
Signal to Noise 90 dB A-weighted @ 1W
Noise Floor Typically 105μV = -77dBu A-weighted
Dynamic Range 98dB
THD+N < 0.1% @ 1W
Frequency Response 10 Hz to 65 kHz flat @ 5W into 5 Ohms
Recommended Load Optimized for 5 Ohms
Output Impedance 1.5 Ohms
Dimensions 381 x 330 x 223mm (DxWxH), 20.41kg