Manley Labs OASIS Phono Stage

Oasis phono stage finished in Manley Blue
Rear control view of Manley's Oasis
Manley Blue Oasis front-panel
Manley Labs OASIS Phono Stage

Manley's highly anticipated sequel to the Chinook Phono Stage, the Oasis demonstrates the supreme linearity of vacuum tubes while also ensuring the flexibility to accommodate any turntable setup.

£4249.00 inc VAT

  • 2x 6922 gain stage tubes
  • 2x 6922 output stage tubes
  • All 6DJ8, 7308, ECC88 type compatible
  • Manley Teflon and gold-plated unbalanced RCA jacks
  • Automatic mute timer including 45 second power up
  • 3-way user-selectable input termination capacitance
  • 47kOhm default input impedance for MM cartridges
  • 5-way user-selectable input impedance
  • Internal switch mode custom power supply
  • Fully regulated B+, Heater, and control voltage rails

Replacing Chinook in Manley's phono stage line up, Oasis takes advantage of Manley's new proprietary PSU technology, appropriately named Manley Power. This innovative switch-mode supply provides an even quieter background, allowing the surrounding audio product to reach sonic extremes even more rapidly than older linear power supply designs.

In contrast to the Chinook's internal gain selectors, Oasis now has full gain controls on its rear panel along with the stage's resistive and capacitive loading switches. With a few adjustments, these controls can be harnessed to achieve a wide range of loading options, effortlessly catering for any moving coil or moving magnet cartridge configuration.

Handcrafted in Chino California and housed within a luxurious powder-coated zinc passivated steel chassis, the Manley Oasis is available in a Manley Blue, silver or black finish.

Passive RIAA Equalisation
Oasis features passive RIAA equalisation networks

Adopting a similar approach to Manley's Steelhead model, each Oasis channel employs the 2 triode sections of a 6922 tube for amplification with highly accurate passive RIAA EQ networks meticulously restoring the originally intended frequency response of each recording.

IC-Free Signal Chain
Oasis' integrated-circuit-free audio signal chain

Oasis uses a 'White Follower' configuration to directly couple signal from the gain stage to a 6922 dual triode. Manley favours this output stage specifically because of its impressively low output impedance and current-driving capabilities, even with longer cables and heavier loads.

Oasis phono stage featuring Manley Power switch-mode PSU

Gain 45dB, 50dB, 60dB, or 65dB
RIAA Curve Deviation < ±1dB 10Hz – 100kHz
THD+N 0.010% @ 100kOhms
Dynamic Range 91dB @ 1kHz, 200 Ohm
Noise Floor -84 dBu, A-weighted @ 45dB gain
Max Input 250mV RMS = +34.5 dBu @ 20 Ohm
Max Output +37dBu @ 100 kOhm load
Output Impedance 91 Ohms
Min Load 2500 Ohms
Dimensions 432 x 356 x 178mm, 9kg