Manley Labs Neo-Classic SE / PP 300B Monoblocks

Neo-Classic SE/PP 300B from Manley Labs
Paired set of Neo Classic SE/PP 300B models
Manley Labs Neo-Classic SE / PP 300B Monoblocks

Sporting a delightfully retro aesthetic, the Neo-Classic SE/PP 300B Neo-Classic channels decades of innovation as well as a 2001 modern overhaul from Manley design wizard Mitch Margolis.

£13699.00 inc VAT
EAN 89083300062

  • Sold and priced as pairs
  • 2x 300B-EH output tubes
  • 1x 6SN7 driver tube
  • 1x 6SL7 input tube
  • 2x 5AR4 rectifier tubes
  • Switchable topology (push-pull, single-ended)
  • Adjustable negative feedback (0 - 10dB)
  • Front-panel mute switch
  • Impedance load switch
  • WBT binding posts

The SE/PP 300B’s retro vibe continues well beneath its hood. Originally intended and used for telephony amplification, the 300B tube was quickly latched onto by audiophiles for its thermionic simplicity and directly heated triode design. After being taken out of production in the late 1980s and genuine 300Bs because hugely valuable collectors pieces, the tubes were gradually revived back into the market thanks to regions such as China and later Russia. As of 2001, each Neo-Classic SE/PP ships with Electro-Harmonix genuine 300B-EH tubes.

In a similarly retro fashion, the Neo-Classic SE/PP employs vacuum tube rectification to ensure a gentle voltage rise period. However, to bring the unit’s performance up to the standard to meet modern demands, two rectifiers are used in order to accommodate substantial filtering and reservoir capacitors. The result is a performance with luscious mid range, delicate detail and - to draw on another Manley phrase - seductive emotion.

Choose Your Topology

Neo-Classic SE/PP owners are awarded the power to select and switch their own design topology on the fly, a feature incredibly unique in home audio components. Single-ended mode offers up 12 Watts in parallel, while Push-Pull mode delivers 25 Watts, giving users the opportunity to compare, test and tailor their amplifier output to match their specific speakers, room or even good old fashioned personal preference.

Manley Labs also believe in a certain balance of feedback to refine and maximise musical performance. The Neo-Classic SE/PP 300B allows attenuation of negative feedback from zero to 10dB in single decibel steps. While more negative feedback also ensures a higher damping factor, the single-ended amplifier still offers a remarkably clean and flat response even at zero, so again dialling in the preferred balance is left down to the wishes of the lucky listener.

Manley's Neo-Classic SE/PP mono power amplifier

Frequency Response 15 Hz - 15 kHz single ended, 10 Hz - 20 kHz push-pull @ 5W
Gain SE Mode 30 dB @ 0dB feedback
Input Sensitivity 165mV single ended, 160mV push-pull @ 5dB
S/N Ratio 83.5dB single ended, 85.4dB push-pull @ 1W
Dynamic Range 94dB single ended, 99.5 push-pull
Input Impedance 100 kOhm, direct coupled
Optimum Load 4 to 12 Ohm (switchable)
Output Impedance 2.25 Ohms single-ended, 1.86 Ohms push-pull
Damping Factor 3.5 single-ended, 4.3 push-pull
Dimensions 215.9 x 584 x 229mm (WxDxH), 18.6kg