Manley Labs MAHI Tube Monoblock Amplifiers

MAHI monoblock amplifier from Manley Labs
Rear panel of Manley's MAHI monoblock
Angle view of the all-tube MAHI monoblock amplifier
Manley Labs MAHI Tube Monoblock Amplifiers

MAHI power amplifiers offer a compact monoblock solution with an almost intimidating level of punch.

£6999.00 inc VAT
EAN 89083300221

  • Sold / priced as pair
  • Switchable between Triode and Ultra-Linear operating modes
  • ALL-TUBE circuit design
  • MANLEY IRON® output transformer designed and hand-wound at Manley Labs
  • Variable Feedback switch
  • 1x 12AT7EH large plate input tube per block
  • 1x 12BH7EH driver tube per block
  • 4x EL84 output tubes
Stereophile Magazine

"They will allow your favorite recordings to excite, inform, and inspire you…"

Hi-Fi News - Outstanding Product

"Leaving aside the Mahi's exceptional tuneability and flexibility, the sound so cosseted the music that I didn't want to let go of them"

Hi-Fi News

Sold in pairs, each MAHI dishes up 20 Watts when in TRIODE mode and 40 Watts when set to Ultra-Linear. MAHI’s power is delivered from a 4-way configuration of EL84 (or 6BQ5) tubes driven by a 6414 dual triode driver in concert with a 12AT7EH input dual triode. EL84 is a highly revered tube for Manley Labs over many years, favoured not only for its long life and consistent performance; but also its delightful quickness both in the top and bottom end.

By harnessing a large B+ rail storage, MAHI yields up to 115 joules of energy for better control, better impact and better bass punch from its transformers - each custom engineered and wound at Manley Labs US manufacturing facility. To offer a more customised performance, a variable feedback switch is also available for users to tune the sonic palette from intimately seductive to all-out rock and roll.

Snappy Heritage

As fans of the Manley brand will recognise, MAHI takes a number of design cues from the 2002 SNAPPER amplifier model. While both models share aesthetics in their chassis design, both also feature the hugely popular TRIODE-UL switch for triode ultra-linear mode switching as well as top-shelf German-made WBT binding posts.

Despite its size and affordable price, MAHI delivers a remarkable level of power as a formidable cornerstone to any appropriate system.

MAHI MAHI - dual Manley monoblock power amplifiers

Input Impedance 110 kOhm
Negative Feedback MIN= 3dB; STD=6dB; MAX=10dB
Gain 28.5 dB TRIODE; 29.1 dB UL (FB STD)
Input Sensitivity 312mV TRIODE; 340mV UL (FB STD)
Max Output 27W TRIODE; 42W UL @ 5 ohms (FB STD)
Signal to Noise 82 dB A-WGT 20-20K
Noise Floor 150µV (-74dBu A-weighted)
Dynamic Range 83dB
THD+N < 0.15% @ 5W
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz flat (full power, UL mode)
Speaker Load Optimized for 5 Ohms (recommended)
Output Impedance 1.47 Ohms TRIODE; 1.67 Ohms UL (FB STD)
Damping Factor 5.45 TRIODE; 4.78 UL (FB STD)
Dimensions 280 x 254 x 127mm, 8.16kg (each)