Manley Labs JUMBO SHRIMP Tube Line Preamplifier

Manley JUMBO SHRIMP tube preamplifier
Rear panel of Manley's JUMBO SHRIMP preamplifier
Angle view of Manley's JUMBO SHRIMP preamp
Manley Labs JUMBO SHRIMP Tube Line Preamplifier

Sporting a minimalist signal path, the Jumbo Shrimp stereo preamplifier from Manley Labs houses the ability to deliver remarkable output drive as well as high dynamic range.

£5299.00 inc VAT
EAN 89083300068

  • All vacuum tube all-triode design
  • 2 x 12AT7EH Input Tubes
  • 2 x JAN NOS GE 7044 dual triode 'Interstage Follower' Tubes
  • 2 x 7044 Output Tubes
  • Mute switch plus warm-up delay
  • ALPS motorised volume control (no detents)
  • Includes RF remote control
Hi-Fi News - Outstanding Product

"The sound so cosseted the music, and so graced my resident DeVore speakers, that I didn't want to let go of them"

HiFi News

Jumbo Shrimp features an all-valve design consisting of dual 12AT7 input tubes, 5670 driver tubes and 7044 output tubes. By employing a unique 'White Follower’ output stage over more traditional Cathode Follower stages, the Shrimp can operate at a super-low 50 ohm output impedance meaning that driving almost any source is made dramatically easier. The final result is high-bandwidth, low noise performance with modest local negative feedback and negligible distortion.

Remora Control

Manley include an RF ‘Remora’ remote control as standard with every Jumbo Shrimp operating on a Radio Frequency control medium. Unlike InfraRed options, RF enables users to control their Manley preamp without the usual point-and-click gesture and attenuators can even be controlled from adjacent rooms, through doors and through closed-equipment cabinetry.

The JUMBO SHRIMP tube preamplifier from Manley Labs

Gain 12dB
Input Impedance 250 kOhm
Max Input 5V = 1.5% THD
Frequency Response 10 Hz - 80 KHz; 20 Hz - 20KHz, -0.3dB
S/N Ratio 95 dB A-weighted
THD 0.02% @ 1V rms output
Output Impedance 50 Ohms
Max Output +20dBm @ 1.5% THD into 600 Ohm load
Inputs 5x unbalanced RCA line level
Outputs 2x unbalanced RCA sets
Record Out 1x RCA set (unbuffered/passive)
Dimensions 483 x 280 x 89mm, 6.8kg