Manley Labs Absolute Headphone Amplifier

Manley Headphone Amplifier in Black
Rear panel of Manley's Headphone Amplifier finished in Black
Manley Labs Absolute Headphone Amplifier

Drawing on no fewer than thirty years of industry experience, Manley Labs' Absolute Headphone Amplifier is a multi-talented headphone and line amplifier offering impeccable performance combined with swathes of sonic flexibility.

£5799.00 inc VAT
EAN Manley Headphone Amplifier in Black

  • Tube HiFi headphone and line amplifier
  • Available in BLACK, COPPER, or SILVER finishes with carbon fiber accents
  • 6AQ5/EL90 Triode Vacuum Tube Output Stage
  • Switchable Topology (Single-Ended or Push-Pull)
  • Baxandall high and low frequency tone filters
  • MONO and MUTE buttons
  • Center detented BALANCE pot
  • Precision stepped relay volume attenuator with 0.5dB per step
  • Variable Feedback control
  • Switchable Output Impedance Ranges Hi-Lo
  • Switchable RCA inputs plus BYPASS mode
  • 1/4" Jack, Balanced 4-pin XLR, and RCA selectable outputs
  • Supplied with Remora RF remote control
Hi-Fi News - Outstanding Product

"No reason to mince words: this is the best headphone amplifier I have ever used"

Hi-Fi News
Hi-Fi+ Magazine

"Manley Absolute Headphone Amplifier was an absolute joy to use, listen to, and adjust to my tastes"

Headphone Guru 2019 Product of the Year

"This stands as one of my favourite Headphone Amplifiers of all time and is more than deserving of the Product of the Year Award for Amplifiers"

Headphone Guru
Major HiFi

"Overall, the Manley Absolute Headphone Amplifier doesn’t only have a beautiful look. It has a fun, versatile sound that is aesthetically pleasing"

Major HiFi

Powered by components meticulously chosen through three years of development, the Absolute Headphone Amplifier delivers fast, dynamic sound with superior headroom and delightfully punchy bass.

Manley's unique Variable Feedback control also allows users to alter the amount of negative feedback or ’tightness’ applied to the amplifier's output. Fully orchestrated arrangements with numerous instruments and aural elements may thrive in higher feedback settings, while a lone vocal uninhibited by percussive transients can enjoy listening intimacy with feedback rolled off.

The Absolute Headphone Amplifier features custom hand-wound air-gapped dual-mode IRON output transformers developed and manufactured in-house by the Californian manufacturer.

Catering to a wide and varied headphone market, the Absolute Headphone Amplifier’s transformers can also be switched across three output loads to satisfy headphones with impedances from 12 to 600 Ohms and even beyond.

Headphone listening is not new to us; we have been producing personal headphone playback systems aka 'Cue Mixers' for recording studios around the globe for well over twenty years. In the HiFi world, our legendary Manley Neo-Classic 300B Preamplifier has become a total cult classic with headphone listeners since the mid-1990’s. Reaching forward, we wanted to produce an extraordinary sounding headphone amplifier chock-full of features and sonic variety for the audiophile, at a price that wouldn’t break the bank either. I know you’re going to Absolutely LOVE this exciting creation of ours - EveAnna Manley (President, Manley Labs)

The Manley Absolute Headphone Amplifier is available in three colors, silver, copper, or black all with carbon fiber accents. The arched top chassis member is designed for resting ear pads and headband assemblies when headphones are not in use.

Personalise Your Sonic Experience
The Manley Headphone Amplifier's performance can be easily customised

The Absolute Headphone Amplifier offers up a total of 15 individual controls for users to customise their listening journey. Among them Manley includes a precision-stepped relay ladder matrix attenuator thumb wheel for volume (also remote controllable), a 72dB +/- swing balance control to compensate for source or hearing imbalances, bypassable Baxandall bass and treble tone controls, and a mono switch to accommodate mono-only LP playback.

Switchable Topology
Every Manley Headphone Amplifier features switchable topology

Injecting innovation at every stage of the amplifier’s design, Manley have enabled a switchable output tube stage which can be changed on the fly between push-pull mode (all-triode) and a single ended topology configuration. By halving the output power and altering harmonic structure from odd to even-order, this delivers yet another route for users to personalise and flavour their listening experience.

The Manley Headphone Amplifier - available in three finishes

Tubes 2 x 12AX7 (ECC83), 4 x 6AQ5A (EL90)
Inputs 2 x RCA
Outputs 4-pin XLR (balanced), RCA and TRS (unbalanced)
Input Impedance 50 kOhms (Pass-Thru= 300 kOhms)
Max Input Level 7.7 VAC RMS (+20 dBu)
Gain 17 dB (Min FB), 8 dB (Max FB) @ 62 Ohm
Sensitivity 600 mV AC RMS for 100 mW, 1.9 VAC RMS for 1W output
Output Impedance Low 12-50 Ohm, Mid 50-200 Ohm, High 200-600 Ohms
Max Output Power 1W into 12 Ohms BW 22Hz-22kHz
Variable Feedback 0dB min, 10dB max
Signal to Noise 83 dB (1kHz, 100mW output, BW 22Hz-22kHz)
Noise Floor -80 dBu BW 22Hz-22kHz, -85 dBu A-Weighted
Crosstalk -71 dB left, -72 dB right (1kHz, 100mW output, BW 22Hz-22kHz)
Frequency Response 10Hz – 20 kHz flat (-1dB @ 40 kHz) push-pull
Distortion 0.16% THD+N (BW 20Hz-22kHz) push-pull
Dimensions 292 x 140 x 209mm (LxWxH), 5.4kg