Empire Ears ESR MKII Universal Fit IEM

ESR Mk II professional IEM from Empire Ears
Underside view of the Empire Ears ESR Mk II
Empire Ears ESR MKII Universal Fit IEM

Now in its second generation, the ESR or Empire Studio Reference is - in Empire Ears' own words - "the best studio reference in-ear monitor we've ever crafted."

£1049.00 inc VAT

  • Bespoke "Brushed Silver" finish faceplate
  • 3x proprietary balanced armature drivers
  • 2x premium electrostatic drivers
  • 4-way synX crossover network
  • EIVEC electrostatic control technology
  • ARC anti resonance compound treatment
  • Alpha-IV A4 25AWG UPOCC Copper Litz cabling

For the music producers, mix engineers and broadcasters, there's no better in-ear partner for delivering truly honest audio playback.

Material Truth
ESR Mk II in-ear monitor shell

ESR's goal is to provide an in-ear reference point for mixing and mastering engineers by achieving the true-to-recording dynamics, ultra fast transients, super-wide dispersion and most importantly the flattest response possible. As such, the ESR MK II IEM offers unprecedented sonic transparency, a critical perspective on. material, and unrivalled detail during playback.

5-Way Hybrid
Dual electrostatic drivers from Empire Ears

The ESR MK II is powered by three triple-balanced armatures combined with dual electrostatics, culminating in a five-driver hybrid configuration. Each part of the driver array is supported by Empire Ears' specially developed synX crossover network, EIVEC electrostatic control technology, plus ARC anti resonance treatment to avoid contamination of the soundstage.

ESR Mk II is available with 3 cable termination choices

Sensitivity 111 dB SPL @ 1kHZ
Frequency Response 10Hz - 100kHz
Impedance 3.9 Ohms @ 1kHz
Termination 2.5, 3.5 or 4.4mm