Empire Ears Alpha Hybrid IV IEM Headphone Cable

Taking the innovation of Empire Ears' Alpha IV Litz copper cable a step further, EE present a premium handcrafted hybrid variant composed of both copper and silver.

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£349.00 inc VAT

  • Hybrid copper and silver composition
  • Multiple length strands for improved dynamics
  • 2-pin termination for IEMs
  • Choice of balanced or unbalanced source termination

Like its pure copper sibling, the Alpha Hybrid IV cable for Empire Ears IEMs features a multi-size strand design. This choice enables better dynamics from all four cores and delivers a full-bodied musical sound where no single detail is lost.

The Alpha Hybrid IV is handcrafted from 26 AWG UPOCC LITZ copper and silver, and features a solid CNCd metal Empire branded Y connector at its split.

Hardwearing over-moulded 0.89 connectors have been used for the cable's 2-pin headphone termination, while users may choose either from a 3.5mm right angled or 2.5mm balanced termination for their source.

Material 26 AWG UPOCC LITZ copper/silver
Termination 3.5mm RA or 2.5mm balanced straight
Cores 4