EarMen Colibri Battery Powered Pocket USB Headphone Amp

EarMen's Colibri portable DAC
Input panel view of the EarMen Colibri
EarMen Colibri Battery Powered Pocket USB Headphone Amp

Setting a new standard in portable listening technology, Colibri offers a DA converter, preamp and headphone amplifier all in one slimline device.

£219.00 inc VAT
EAN 8606108569399

  • All in one headphone amp, preamp and DAC
  • Battery powered
  • Fully balanced 4.4mm output
  • 3.5mm for unbalanced
  • Built-in MQA support
  • Switchable bass boost
  • Super lower noise circuitry
  • Gold-plated PCB design
  • Made in Europe

Each Colibri is furnished with a full set of buttons on its side offering complete control of musical material while on the go, negating the need to constantly refer to the smartphone or other source device.

Sabre PRO Conversion
Colibri features built-in Sabre PRO conversion

Colibri is powered by ESS’s flagship ES9281 DAC chip, offering flawless full-range audio with remarkable resolution and precision. Support is also built in for the latest high-resolution formats including PCM (up to 32 bit at 385kHz), DSD64, DSD128 and even MQA.

Built For The Journey
USB charging ports for the EarMen Colibri

The Colibri’s internal battery does not draw power from the source device itself and offers up to 5 hours of continuously playback to deliver state of the art high resolution immersive audio even to listeners on longer haul journeys.

EarMen Colibri in-situ with IEMs

THD+N 0.002% balanced, 0.001% unbalanced
Frequency Response 0.09dB
DSD 64 / 128 DoP
DXD 64 / 128 DoP
PCM Up to 384 kHz
MQA Rendering Up to 384 kHz
Dimensions 77 x 35 x 14mm (L x W x H), 51g