EarMen CH-AMP Desktop Headphone Amp & Preamp

CH-AMP head amp and preamplifier from EarMen
Rear-view of EarMen's CH-AMP headphone amplifier
Profile view of CH-AMP from EarMen Audio
EarMen CH-AMP Desktop Headphone Amp & Preamp

CH-Amp from EarMen is a fully balanced desktop headphone amp and preamplifier with versatile features and a linear low-noise power supply unit.

£599.00 inc VAT
EAN 8606108569405

  • External low noise linear power supply
  • Composite amplifier topology
  • Output power up to 3.8W
  • Fully balanced architecture
  • Gain control
  • Ultra low THD and SNR
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Remote control included
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""This amplifier has the space, articulation, and musicality to satisfy""

HiFi & Music Source

EarMen’s composite op-amp architecture delivers excellent characteristics both from DC and AC power sources along with several advantages over traditional amplification styles.

While many power amps utilise thermal feedback loops, the self heating nature of these loops can impose errors in audio especially when driving heavier loads.

Evolving the design traits of former EarMen amp models, CH-Amp offers two unique features to offer even more functionally to the audiophile listening experience. A dedicated preamp output is available for integration into a variety of home stereo setups, while a switchable Gain function is also available via the front panel.

Unique Features
CH-Amp from EarMen including separate powersupply module

By enabling Gain mode, users can wield better control over both output and impedance levels. This makes accommodating headphones with particularly low or high sensitivity an easy tweak.

Composite Topology
Rear panel of EarMen's CH-Amp amplifier

Composite circuitry keenly avoids this issue, offering a better DC output offset to maintain performance even with excess power loads by improving overall circuitry performance.

EarMen CH-AMP with power supply and Meze LIRIC headphones

Frequency Response ±0.005dB
Inputs RCA, Balanced 4.4 mm
Outputs 6.35mm, 4.4mm
Dimensions 150 x 30 x 150mm, 550g