Blue Horizon RIAA Filter

The RIAA Filter from BlueHorizon offers an incredibly handy solution for burning in phono stages without the need to cause wear and tear to your records or turntable cartridge.

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£100.00 inc VAT
EAN 5060296410797

  • Selectable Moving Coil or Moving Magnet cartridge designs
  • Compatible with any home audio CD player
  • In-line connection via RCA
  • Available as a bundle with Full System Enhancer CD
Hi-Fi Choice - Recommended

"Removes the worry of wasted playing time on costly cartridges and delivers an optimised phono stage in a relatively speedy manner"

HiFi Choice

Historically the only method for adequately running in a phono stage was to run LPs continuously for around 72 hours or 3 days. With BlueHorizon's RIAA Filter, a CD player can be connected instead to avoid wear to records, the turntable's cartridge and of course the owner's patience (having to swap sides every 15-22 minutes).

For optimum results, BlueHorizon also offer a Full System Enhancer CD full of burn-in material which also includes a specifically tailored phono burn in track which may be played on repeat.

The RIAA can be fitted very simply in-line between any phono stage and CD player using standard RCA phono adaptors.

Connectors 2x RCA