SCV Exhibiting at GearFest UK 2022

This summer the music industry is truly amped to welcome a brand new studio and music equipment show to the UK. Hosted by Tileyard in partnership with SoundOnSound Magazine, the aptly named GearFest UK will make its debut on 2nd July 2022 at Tileyard studios in London.

Attendees will have a chance to attend panel talks from some of the best mixing talents in the business, watch live music and – perhaps most importantly – experience demonstrations of newly released gear from some of the industry's most revered studio equipment manufacturers.

What’s On Show

Focal Twin 6 ST6

Released at Summer NAMM 2022, SCV are delighted to present the UK debut of Focal’s brand new upgrade to the hugely popular Twin 6 Be.

The Twin 6 ST6 features a new and elegantly bevelled cabinet loaded with two composite sandwich cones, one signature Focal inverted dome tweeter and a new baffle for added protection along with optimised dispersion.

Focal have also implemented Focus Mode, a feature previously only available with high end Trio 6 and Trio 11 models which disables the Twin’s HF section allowing the woofers to operate as full-range drivers. This is a hugely versatile tool for comparative listening and ensuring mixes work flawlessly on the widest range of audio devices possible.

Focal Clear MG Pro

Also on show from Focal will be their flagship studio mixing headphone. Designed with a unique honeycomb formation on its outer cup, the open-back Clear MG Professional offers incredibly precise audio reproduction and allows engineers to make mixing decisions quickly (and portably).


Powering our Twin 6 ST6 monitors will be the MTC Mk2, SPL’s latest monitor and talkback controller fully loaded with 3 sets of speaker outs and a dedicated sub output. Giving a special nod to sound designers, the second generation MTC also includes a unique left/right swapping function to easily reverse stereo channels and save time for mix engineers working in directive audio formats such as TV and film.

MTC Mk2’s headphone output now also comes with Phonitor Matrix technology built-in, a feature which emulates the angled orientation of studio monitors to provide a more transferrable mix when working on headphones.

IsoAcoustics ISO Puck

Lastly – and perhaps most essentially – SCV will be configuring the new ST6-range Twins with four of the finest Canadian-designed speaker isolation tools on the market.

ISO-Puck from IsoAcoustics is a modular version of their widely used ISO-Stand range, and allows speakers to float in free space taking the underlying surface (along with any resulting and unwanted resonant frequencies) completely out of the audio equation for improved listening clarity.

Each ISO-Puck can hold up to 9kg of net weight, making it a versatile match for a wide range of studio monitor models.

Getting Involved

GearFest UK will take place at Tileyard’s main complex in Kings Cross (nearest tube Caledonian Road).

Tileyard London
Tileyard Road
N7 9AH

Open Sat, 2 July 2022
10:00 – 18:00 BST

For tickets check out GearFest UK’s Eventbrite page, or for more information on the festival as a whole check out their official website.

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