Focal Clear MG Pro headphones - profile
Accessories included with Clear MG Pro
Focal Clear MG Professional Studio Headphones

Clear MG Pro is Focal's new flagship professional mixing headphone that evolves the design and aesthetic of their original Clear Pro model.

£1199.00 inc VAT
EAN 3544053727165

  • Fully open-back professional mixing headphones
  • Balanced tonality across full frequency spectrum
  • Precise articulation even at lower bass frequencies
  • Exceptional dynamic performance
  • Wide spatialisation and precise sound-staging
  • Ergonomically designed for optimum comfort
  • Includes 1.2 and 5m cables for variety of applications
  • Rigid carry case including iLok storage nook
SoundOnSound Magazine

"The new Clear Mg Professionals impress with their dynamic response and low‑frequency extension"

Tape Op Magazine

"The Clear Mg Professional’s evenness in sound reproduction immediately drops me headfirst into the meat of the mix"


Clear MG Pro aim to provide music producers, mix engineers and mastering houses with the ultimate portable listening tool for polished results, joined with the power to implement rapid decisions.

Building For Professionals
Clear MG Pro's internal Beryllium driver

The Clear MG Pro headphone has been crafted to deliver the most precise reproduction possible to enable faster audio engineering decisions and highly transferable results.

Adopting Focal's unique M-shaped magnesium dome, these circum aural open-back headphones boast an exceptional dynamic range and can reproduce even the smallest detail across the full audio spectrum.

A Honeycomb Of Innovation
Clear MG Pro including soft-shelled road-ready carry case

The physical design of the Clear MG Pro model ensures maximum comfort, utilising Focal's next generation microfibre cushions and a headband and yoke assembly that sits evenly across the full perimeter of the head.

With the new MG variant, Focal also introduce a new honeycomb grille design which opens the cup enclosure to allow improved soundstage and an amplified sense of spatialisation.

Clear MG Pro from Focal can deliver awesome mixes both in and out of the studio

Driver 40mm 'M'-shaped magnesium dome
Frequency Response 5Hz – 28kHz
Impedance 55 Ohms
Sensitivity 104dB SPL / 1mW @ 1kHz
THD 0.25% @ 1kHz / 100dB SPL
Shipping Dimensions 307 x 315 x 230mm (WxHxD), 3.38kg