Metric Halo Release Mk IV Series

Following the landmark release of their 3d range in 2018, US-based high-end audio interface manufacturer Metric Halo are proud to announce the mk IV range, a new line offering significant performance improvements on their predecessors and several exciting new features which once again cements MH’s status as true pioneers in computer audio innovation.

Metric Halo's mkIV interface rangeIt’s All About The Sound

Each design element of the new mk IV design coordinates to deliver the warmest, most open and three-dimensional sound possible for revealing mixes and pristine masters.

The name “mk IV” specifically refers to Metric Halo’s fourth generation of converters, a new family of professional AD and DA components redesigned from the ground up since 3d to offer improved audio delivery and better all-round efficiency.

Shift Up To Lightspeed

Latency is perhaps the area where Metric Halo’s new tech deserves to flex the most, delivering an 85% improvement on converter latency when measured against the 3d models. In sampling terms, this equates to a count of 18 rather than 116.

On the analogue side, input and output levels have been fully recalibrated to ensure levels are maintained during round trips via the converters.

Green From Within

A new and welcome specification included with the mkIV range is that of energy usage. Each mkIV interface shows a 35% reduction in power consumption compared to its predecessor – with the LIO8 in particular clocking 40%. This improvement leads to lower costs during usage and significantly less heat generation for lower environmental impact.

Finally an integrated relay mute has been added for analogue outputs. This ensures that during power cycles, studio monitors and headphones are safely guarded from thumps or clicks are avoided due to electrical interference.

The mkIV range from Metric Halo (top to bottom: LIO8, LIO8/4P, ULN8)

Three New Models

The mkIV family is split into 3 models. ULN8 mk IV is the new flagship interface featuring eight pristine preamps, while the LIO8 and LIO8/4P feature line level inputs and 4 preamps respectively.

Every model is armed with on-board DSP, Atmos capable mix routing and USB-C / MH-Link gigabit ethernet connectivity for lightning fast data transfer and daisy chaining unlimited units depending on any recording application.

Coming Winter 2021

For further information on Metric Halo mkIV including arrival times and pricing, contact SCV’s pro audio sales team.

Metric Halo mkIV - coming Winter 2021


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