Front panel of Metric Halo's LIO8 mkIV
LIO8 mkIV rear panel I/O array
Metric Halo LIO8 mkIV Audio Interface

Building on the success of the 3d variant, Metric Halo proudly present their mk IV range LIO8 featuring USB-C connectivity, built in DSP and lightning fast 4th generation converters.


£2499.00 inc VAT
EAN 832081000712

  • 4th generation analogue and converter stage design
  • Reduction in converter round trip latency (RTL)
  • Optimized for low-latency unity-gain analog loops
  • Relay-based output mute system for click-free power cycles
  • 40% reduction in power consumption
  • Runs cooler and is better for the environment
  • Also available with 4 preamps (4P model)
  • Expandable up-to 8 preamps

The mk IV variant of LIO8 also enjoys environmental improvements. Thanks to a cooler running temperature the interface consumer 40% less power than its predecessor reducing power costs.

Metric Halo's family of mkIV high-end USB-C interfaces
Dolby Atmos-Ready
Metric Halo's mkIV range is fully Atmos-friendly

Metric Halo’s mk IV line supports multi-source and multi-destination monitoring up to 7.1.4 configurations. This makes the LIO8 mk IV (and ULN8 mk IV) perfect partners for professional Atmos mixing applications.

The proprietary MIO Mixer offers flexible routing with the ability to direct any channel to any output, including routes back to the host or even to SCP ports.

Reduced Latency
mkIV interfaces are equipped with MH Link for low latency data transfer

While the 3d range boasted impressive data transfer speeds, Metric Halo’s 4th generation is in a whole new league. The round-trip via LIO8 mkIV's converters, mixer, DSP and monitoring stage measures an 85% latency improvement serving up lightning fast results across any digital audio workstation software.

Introducing the mkIV range from Metric Halo

A/D 8 ch + analogue trim
D/A 8 ch + analogue gain
Latency ≈ 0.9ms @ 44.1k / ≈ 0.2ms @ 192k
Preamps 8 channels MH ULN-R
Channels 128
Bus 64 channels
Resolution up to 192k
Data MHLink / USB