IsoAcoustics Introduces V120 Speaker Mount

First seen at the Dolby Atmos and Focal booths of 2022’s Winter NAMM Show, IsoAcoustics are proud to launch a new speaker isolation solution designed for installed sound and immersive audio mixing applications.

We are excited to apply the acoustic benefits IsoAcoustics products have been known for, to height speakers in immersive audio installations. The response to the V120 Mounts has been very positive.

Dave Morrison (Founder, IsoAcoustics)

IsoAcoustics Meets Immersive Audio

The V120 is designed for wall and ceiling speaker mounting and features a new and patented design incorporating tried-and-tested decoupling knowledge from IsoAcoustics’ existing product ranges.

Acknowledging that all speakers interact with their connecting surfaces, the V120 seeks to avoid the the inevitable vibration conduction during playback to achieve better accuracy, better clarity and a more insightful listening experience from all mounted speakers.

IsoAcoustics V120 mount for immersive audio applications

Diminished image accuracy or ’smear' across two or more channels undermines the fundamental experience of immersive audio. With the V120, IsoAcoustics believe this can be made a problem of the past.

Wide-Ranging Compatibility

V120 can be affixed to almost any popular speaker model up to a maximum weight of 18.1kg. A wide variety of adaptor solutions are available to enable mounting either to the bottom of the V120’s circular flange, or via a sliding bracket for a tilt-adjustable connection.

Flexibility for focus and direction has been built right into the core of the V120’s design, allowing for 360 degree rotation and up to 90 degrees of full tilt to satisfy multi-channel systems of any scale or orientation.

Asides from ceiling installations, the V120 is also suited for truss systems and even vertical wall installation using the V120 Wall Bracket adaptor.

Solo6 ST6 demonstrating the tilt function of IsoAcoustics' V120 mount

V120 In The Field

IsoAcoustics have been proud to reveal existing facilities already taking advantage of the V120 technology, including the likes of Eddie Kramer's Empire Lakeside Studios, and Coast Mastering in Berkeley California where a V120 system is in use for producing such cutting edge formats as Dolby Atmos, 360RA and Auto 3D.

The closer I can be to the source, the more accurate my creative decisions will be. These new mounts do a fantastic job of keeping the speaker separate, separating the sound and vibration sources, without coloring the other speakers mounted to the same struts. Fantastic! Again, another home run for IsoAcoustics.

Michael Romanowski (Mastering Engineer, Coast Mastering)

IsoAcosutics’ V120 series products will be arriving in Winter of 2022. For full pricing and availability, contact SCV’s pro audio sales team.

V120 isolators in use at Michael Romanowski's Coast Mastering facility

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