IsoAcoustics V120 Wall & Ceiling Studio Monitor Installation Mount

IsoAcoustics present a patented mounting design offering essential isolation for immersive sound speaker systems.

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£160.00 inc VAT
EAN 810514001055

  • Patented decoupling design
  • Adaptors to suit almost any monitor
  • Easy install process
  • Wall mountable with separate bracket
  • 360º rotation
  • 90º pivot
  • Atmos-friendly

V120 provides a wall and ceiling mounting solution designed to intelligently decouple studio speakers from their under (or overlying) surface.

When incorrect vibrations are shared across two or more channels during playback, soundstages collapse due to a phenomenon known as smear. V120 avoids this by offering a high degree of isolation and improving clarity.

V120 offers full 360 degree rotation as well as a 90 degree pivot to satisfy optimal direction for immersive and surround systems of any scale. The V120 family includes a number of bracket adaptor accessories enabling compatibility with almost any studio monitoring speaker from any manufacturer.

To find the ideal compatible combination for your studio monitor, simply use our IsoAcoustics product calculator tool.

IsoAcoustics V120 with truss-mount assembly

Max Weight 18.1kg
Finish Black
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