Focal Expands Alpha Evo Range

Following the groundbreaking launch of their ‘evolved' Alpha 50 and 65 Evo models in 2020, Focal are thrilled to bring two additional studio monitor products to the family plus a brand new subwoofer for bass fanatics – the iconically named Sub One.

Alpha Twin Evo

With the Twin Evo, Focal proudly present something of a first in the world of affordable monitoring. The model comprises dual Slatefiber equipped woofers plus a single inch inverted aluminium dome tweeter, making it the Alpha range’s first ever 2.5-way configured studio main.

The Alpha Twin Evo offers exquisite dynamics as well as neutrality across the entire frequency spectrum and super-low distortion. As well as the standard XLR ports Focal have also introduced TRS inputs useful for connecting certain audio interfaces, instruments or DJ equipment directly.

Alpha Twin EVO - new from Focal

Along with the other members of the Alpha range, the Twin Evo also features insert fittings at the rear of each speaker making them suitable for wall mounting and a great choice for broadcast facilities, institutions and colleges as well as traditional commercial and home studios.

Alpha 80 Evo

Replacing the final hold-out from Focal’s legacy Alpha range, the new and improved Alpha 80 Evo brings all of Focal’s latest and greatest Evo-era monitoring features to a powerful 8” driver-equipped model.

Alpha 80 Evo’s driver features the same revolutionary Slatefiber cone as its smaller siblings, plus bracket fittings at the rear of the cabinet for wall-mounting and a quarter-inch jack input as introduced by the new Alpha Twin Evo.

New from Focal - the Alpha 80 Evo

Thanks to its large front-facing laminar vent, the Alpha 80 Evo is easy to position in any studio space and also port-noise free despite bags of power.

Sub One

Featuring dual 8-inch Slatefiber woofers and up to 200W RMS of raw power, Sub One is the ideal partner for music producers and mix engineers with a hand in all-things-bass.

Thanks to its precise character and minimal distortion, Focal’s Sub One offers a neutral profile that syncs perfectly with both the Alpha and Shape ranges. Front-facing ports make it a breeze to position either alongside walls or under desktops, and with a frequency shelf bottoming out at 32Hz users are treated to a wealth of insight in the low end of their mixes.

Sub One - now available to match the Focal Alpha Evo and Shape range

Preorders Now Open

All three models are now launched and available for preorder. For all enquiries relating to pricing, availability and UK reviews contact SCV’s pro audio team.

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