Focal Trio11 Lands Best Studio Monitor Award

As 2019 drew to a close loyal SCV news readers may remember our humble yet shamelessly self promoting article entitled ‘5 Awesome Products To Vote For In SOS Awards 2019.’

Now in January 2020 following the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California we are delighted to reveal that Focal’s flagship Trio11 Be has picked up the award for Best Studio Monitor in the SOS Awards 2019!

Check out the full breakdown of winners here.

The SOS Awards are powered solely by user voting, but on announcing the award SoundOnSound magazine also cited Bob Thomas’s excellent article from June 2019 where the Trio11s are reviewed in-depth.

Focal Trio11 Be Studio MonitorThomas covers the full history of Trio11’s conception, from the 2013 release of Focal’s flagship predecessor the SM9, through to 2015’s Trio6 as the first two/three-way model added to Focal’s SM6 product line.

Combines pioneering technology from previous models with newly designed drivers. A classy, powerful and revealing monitor worthy of any studio control room.

Despite Trio11’s appearance as a ‘super-sized’ Trio6 – given its weight and dimension specifications which measure in at almost double – Thomas is quick to clarify that the Trio11 is so much more than this, and serves to accommodate both near as well as mid field mixing applications. Each component of the Trio11’s assembly is covered in detail from custom proprietary drivers and amps to composition materials and SPL.

Then with technical specifics covered, comes audition time...

Having listened in detail to the eclectic selection of material in my current crop of audition CDs, my overarching impression of the Trio11 was of a loudspeaker that was in total control of the audio that it was reproducing, both in its three-way and its two-way Focus modes.

Thomas praised the Trio11’s ability to delineate dynamic details with minimal effort and expert precision, particularly when switching between low and mid-level operating volumes, where no control or detail appeared to be lost.

This combination of power and accuracy eventually summarised the Trio11 for Thomas in his closing words:

The Focal Trio11 Be is a professional-level studio monitor that combines power, accuracy and control with high levels of detail and delicacy to deliver a performance that is both analytical and musical and that is consistent across volume levels for either nearfield or midfield applications.

If you can fit a pair in your studio and you're looking for a monitor at its price point that will enable you to hear deep inside your mix, but will still allow you to listen to the music, then the Trio11 Be is yet another innovative masterpiece from Focal that definitely should be on your audition list.

Find the full Trio11 Be review via SoundOnSound.

Focal Trio11 Be receives SoundOnSound's Best Studio Monitor Award in the SOS Awards 2019

SCV would like to thank everyone who voted in SoundOnSound’s fantastic SOS Awards 2019 – for all enquiries relating to Focal and the SM6 range, contact the SCV Pro Audio team.

  • Posted on 27 January 2020 by Roy Brockington