Digital Audio Labs Release External Mic Pre For Livemix

The innovative Digital Audio Labs Livemix personal monitoring system has found fame in both studios and stages across the world. Since the range’s conception, the Minnesotan company have also developed an array of handy accessories to help musicians and engineers get the most from their Livemix system in any given live environment.

Initially Digital Audio Labs introduced the Livemix MT1 dual position mount, a clamping fixture designed to accommodate the CS-SOLO and CS-DUO on a wide range of stage stands including standard issue microphone booms. Next came the FP2 multifunction foot-pedal, a floor-dwelling gadget for adjusting mix volumes and switching channels all through a combination of intuitive tap and hold functions.

This year at InfoComm 2019, Digital Audio Labs revealed their latest accessory for the Livemix range: the LM-MICPRE.

Digital Audio's LM-MICPRE Preamp for Livemix

Many Livemix customers make use of the intercom function built-in to their CS personal mixers but sometimes find the sensitivity and location of the mic to be too restrictive.

The LM-MICPRE solves this issue by providing an external preamp stage to the intercom sporting a dedicated input suited to any dynamic microphone of the engineers choice.

Digital Audio Labs' Livemix LM-MICPRE installedThe intercom button can be configured in three different ways to accommodate an external mic - always active, latching (press on / press off), and momentary push to talk mode.


Shipping Q3

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  • Posted on 8 August 2019 by Roy Brockington