Avantone Pro Release CLA100 Power Amplifier

After a series of product releases all boasting burgeoning popularity, the CLA family from Avantone Pro is gaining another new member.

Following the Summer 2018 release of Avantone Pro’s passive ‘white cone in the black box’ CLA10 studio monitors, the New York manufacturer introduced a retro-styled CLA200 power amp designed as a perfect amplifying partner to the CLA10s as well as any third party studio monitors requiring significant juice.

The CLA200 was met with a fortuitous response from audio engineering communities and prompted Avantone to look at further opportunities in the passive monitoring market.

Next stop? The CLA100

The Avantone CLA100 Power Amp featuring 100WRMS per channelAvantone gauged a significant demand from fans of the CLA200’s sound and build quality requiring a solution for speakers with lower power thresholds. The fruits of their research culminated in a robust, 100WRMS per channel amplifier with convection cooling, all housed within a single 19” rack unit.

The CLA100’s sound chimes perfectly with the classic AB studio class tone achieved by the CLA200, powered by oversized toroidal transformers and high quality Japanese filter caps designed to gel perfectly with the CLA100’s classic MOSFET design.

Adapting the same cooling technology utilised in the CLA200, this amplifier avoids any necessity for a fan by employing convection-only temperature control and ensures ultra-quiet operation during use.

The CLA100 also boasts noteworthy specs usually associated with amps well above its price bracket, offering 100WRMS at less than 1% THD into 8ohms, and a flat response of +/-0.25dB from 20Hz all the way up to 30kHz.

Avantone's new CLA100 power amplifier for low-

Arriving in the UK August 2019

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  • Posted on 7 June 2019 by Roy Brockington