Avantone Announce CLA200 Power Amp

Avantone CLA10 Passive Studio MonitorEarlier this year Avantone Pro announced a revamped homage on the classic NS10M passive studio monitor design, the CLA10 - built in partnership with engineer and producer Chris Lord Alge. At lightning speed, New York based manufacturer Avantone Pro has now announced a follow up and a much lauded addition to the new CLA range of products.

Meet the CLA200

Avantone’s latest introduction is a full-range, high-output power amplifier designed for use with the CLA10 passive monitors - or with any other studio speaker model requiring the same level of clean, raw power.

The CLA200 has been designed and built with a specific idiom in mind. Avantone’s goal was to create a high-output, high resolution amplifier, as dynamic as possible and (in true CLA and NS10 fashion) built the ‘old school’ way. Boasting 200w per side at 8 ohms, the CLA200 is a Class A/B amp featuring high headroom, low distortion and wide-view VU meters for easy monitoring.

Avantone's CLA200 power amplifier

Under the hood

Avantone have handpicked high-quality Japanese components along with a highly-reliable toroidal transformer linear power supply. The chassis itself is 19” rack-mountable across 2U and is fully convection cooled, avoiding any fan noise and making it perfect for use directly within any studio rack.

The Avantone CLA200's rear I/O panel

The CLA200 will begin hitting our UK shores in the fourth quarter of 2018. For full performance and impedance specs and to find your nearest stocking dealer, head to our Avantone Pro CLA200 Power Amplifier product page.

  • Posted on 19 October 2018 by Roy