SPL present an incredibly cost-effective solution for stripped down monitor control with exemplary audio quality. The Volume2 inherits a number of lucrative technological traits from SPL’s more multi-functional monitor controllers, while sporting a much more agreeable price tag for home studio budgets.

Actively Analogue

Volume2 is a dual-channel stereo volume control powered by active circuitry. Unlike alternative passive technologies which can invoke impedance variation and frequency response linearity problems, the Volume2’s active route ensures that signal passes from interface or source to studio monitor unscathed and with healthy professional-grade headroom to spare.

Bit-Rate Friendly

Whilst many modern audio interfaces feature volume controls that adjust levels by dropping dBs at the converter stage, this often also leads to a drop in bit-rate making monitoring at low levels accurately a challenge.

By situating Volume2 between interfaces and studio monitors, volume attenuation can be handled purely in the analogue realm maintaining bitrate at a comfortably high level whilst mixing at any volume.

Home Audio Applications

Volume2 can also be used for home audio systems. Home audio components such as AV receivers often use VCA or DAC components that pick up a certain level of distortion between stages. As with studio monitors and interfaces, Volume2 can be interposed between the source and output stages to ensure a purely analogue level control and avoid any distortion gathering pace.

Main Features

  • Analogue studio level control
  • XLR balanced inputs and outputs
  • Maintains bit-rate while attenuating volume
  • Also suitable for home audio applications


Nominal Input Level:
Input Impedance:
Output Impedance:
‹ 600Ohm
Max Input Level:
› +20dBu
-80dB bis -4dB
Frequency Range:
10Hz-100kHz (100kHz = -3dB)
Common Mode Rejection:
› 60dBu @ 1kHz
›-100dBu @ +15dBu input level
-102dBu (A-weighted)
›-80dBu @ 1kHz
Dynamic Range:


Toroidal 3,5VA
250mA (230V), 500mA (115V)
230V/50Hz; 115V/60Hz selectable
ca. 15W

Physical Properties

215 x 80 x 220mm (WxHxD)

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