A secret weapon for many recording studios across the globe, the SPL Transient Designer 4 has the amazing power to help any musical element find just the right place in a mix.

Whether it’s adding additional punch to a kick, softening attack on piano, increasing thickness or decreasing sustain to blend a rhythm guitar track into the background, the Transient Designer can assist individual elements with finding their perfect position on within any soundstage.

Simple Controls, Remarkable Results

The Transient Designer features 4 individual channels, each with two simple potentiometers for attack and sustain. The attack knob can be adjust either to sharpen or soften transients, while the sustain knob controls the length of signal decay.

With just these two powerful controls, elements can be brought into the foreground with harsher attack and lower sustain, or blended further into the background by upping sustain and lowering attack to soften the source's transients.

A Uniquely Dynamic Power-Tool

Using the Transient Designer on individual sources allows control over its dynamic properties without the necessity to lean on traditional compression. This enables an elevated level of control of the transients as well as the element’s overall character.

Used in stereo linked mode, the Transient Designer can also be used as a thickening or sharpening agent for entire productions from the mix bus.

Main Features

  • Quad channel dynamics processor
  • Attack control to blend or add punch to signals
  • Sustain control adds weight by adjusting decay length
  • Bring musical elements to the foreground or background with ease
  • Stereo linked mode accommodates dual channel inputs or mix bus processing
  • Relay hard bypassable


Nominal Input Level:
Input Impedance:
= 22kOhms
Output Impedance:
< 600Ohms
Max Input Level:
Max Output Level:
Minimum Load:
Frequency Response:
20 Hz - 100 kHz (100 kHz = -3 dB)
Common Mode Rejection:
- 80dBu @1kHz
0.004% @1kHz
-89dBu (CCIR 468-3), -105dBu (A-weighted)


Toroidal 15VA

Physical Properties

482 x 44 x 237mm (WxHxD)

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