SPL’s Phonitor 2 is the ultimate studio mixing partner for any set of headphones, with intuitive connectivity, an amazing dynamic range and a super-low noise floor.

Headphone Headroom

The Phonitor 2 utilises SPL’s proprietary 120V operating technology, which employs specially designed op-amps to produce a serious boost in headroom compared to other headphone amplifiers. The additional breathing space also enables an impressive 150dB dynamic range, detailed transients, accurate spatial reference and an almost invisible noise-floor allowing listeners to hear every nuance in recordings.

Matrix Mode

With Phonitor Matrix mode SPL have tackled the gap between studio monitoring and headphone monitoring. By integrating their own unique crossfading technology, Matrix mode allows headphones recreate the angled output style of studio monitors through spatial processing and crosstalk emulation.

Matrix mode is extremely adept for mixing purposes such as panning, equalisation, stereo imaging and monitoring effects. However for headphone editing jobs such as fades, plosive removal or magnifying edit points, Matrix mode can also be switched out to hear the standard stereo headphone signal.

Analogue Arena

Phonitor 2’s primary level potentiometer operates in a purely analogue domain. This means that any attenuation of volume is restricted to analogue level control only and conversion and bit rate resolution remain completely in-tact. For users intending to mix at lower volumes, this aptly ensures no sonic accuracy is lost.

To satisfy as many headphone types as possible, Phonitor 2’s RCA inputs can also be switched to accommodate a professional +4dBu level, or -10dBV consumer style level.

Intuitive Inputs

Phonitor 2 is designed to seamlessly integrate with a multitude of studio setups to any scale. XLR and RCA inputs are available to run balanced and unbalanced signals respectively, while the primary balanced TRS headphone output is conveniently situated on the front panel of the unit. XLR outputs are also available to send a stereo signal to studio monitors, and amplifier, or personal monitoring hub.

Main Features

  • High-end headphone amplifier and source selector
  • Ably designed for headphones and studio monitor routing
  • Impressive headroom thanks to 120V technology
  • Wide dynamic range with technical sonic accuracy and transparency
  • Compatible with all headphones over 10 ohms impedance (40 for balanced)
  • Suited for professional monitoring applications
  • Phonitor Matrix crosstalk technology for speaker-like monitoring


Neutrik XLR (balanced), RCA (unbalanced)
6.35 mm TRS connector, Neutrik XLR


0.18 Ohm (headphone out)
Damping Factor:
180 @ 40 Ohm
Frequency Range:
10 Hz to 300 kHz ( -3 dB)
-90 dB @ 1 kHz
0.00091% @ 0 dBu, 1 kHz, 100 kohms load
-103 dBu (A-weighted)
Dynamic Range:
135.5 dB
Max Output:
2x 2W @ 300 Ohms; 2x 3.7W @ 120 Ohms


Operating Voltage:
+/-60 V
Mains Voltage:
230 V AC / 50 Hz or 115 V AC / 60 Hz (switchable)
230 V: T 630 mA; 115 V: T 1 A
max 24 VA

Physical Properties

278 x 100 x 335mm (WxHxD)
4.3 kg

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Authorised Retail Partners

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