MixDream is an analogue summing mixer built by SPL to offer fantastic mix depth, specific elemental localisation, and pristine stereo imaging for the ultimate finished mix.

High End Analogue Summing

The MixDream outboard mixer allows studio engineers to inject highly desirable analogue warmth into any mix. Featuring 16 individual audio track inputs and a summed stereo output, MixDream can extend a digital audio workstation software (or console) to bring a mix together into a beautifully finished final product.

For larger mixes with a scope beyond 16 tracks, multiple MixDream units can also be cascaded to scale to a user’s specific requirements.

Compete Control

The MixDream offers unique set of insert and processing options to ensure ultimate flexibility at the summing down stage. Each input is fitted with a switchable insert loop, signal-present LED indicator and 3-stage toggle switches to determine whether a channel is included or removed from the mixes.

SPL’s No-Mix switch actively removes any channel directly from a mix while still keeping it live for direct output functions. This ‘bounce-back’ style functionality can be used to great effect particularly while re-recording using outboard effects such as compression.

Main Features

  • Analogue outboard summing mixer
  • Active Class A/60-volt stages
  • 16 inserts for mixing external effects
  • Individual and overall bypass relays
  • Reduced of A/D conversions
  • Efficient resampling individual tracks
  • Latency-free monitoring
  • Stereo expansion control for additional transparency
  • Analogue peak limiter for gain optimisation
  • Lundahl output transformers and inserts
  • Adjustable insert levels, output levels and peak limiters
  • Multiple units linkable for larger mixes


Frequency Response:
‹1Hz-220kHz (+/- 3dB)
Noise Level:
-97dBu @ 20Hz-22kHz, Input +10dBu
Max Input Level:
+28dBu @ 1kHz
Max Output Level:
+28dBu @ 1kHz
Dynamic Range:
97dB @ 1kHz
Common Mode Rejection:
‹70dB @ 1kHz
Input Impedance:
10 kOhm
Output Impedance:
82 Ohm



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