DeS is the new 500-series incarnation of SPL’s widely used Dual-Band De-Esser designed for intelligently removing sibilance from vocal recordings.

Multiple DeEssing Stages

Like its rack-mount sibling, the DeS utilises two frequency bands which can be used either independently or jointly to increase processing effectiveness without generating additional unwanted noise.

Focused processing within the high or low bands can greatly increase the clarity of vocals by surgically tempering sibilant transients.

Signal Auto-Adjust

DeS also features SPL’s prized auto adjustment feature which tracks the dynamics of any vocal source on the fly, boosting or reducing the amount of gain to compensate if or when sudden changes in vocal proximity take place during tracking.

As an additional tool, DeS also offers a male/female voice switch to offer tailor made tracking templates for higher and lower vocals. This can prove an extremely handy timesaver, but SPL also recommend that engineers always trust their ears when selecting the best settings.

Main Features

  • Modular dual-band DeEsser
  • Intelligently removes sibilance from vocal tracks
  • Gain auto adjustment to compensate proximity issues
  • Switchable male/female voicing template control
  • Designed for 500-series racks and lunchboxes


Max Input Level:
+22 dBu
20kOhm in, 150 Ohm out
Max Output Level:
+22 dBu
Frequency Range:
10Hz -100kHz
-93 dBu (A-weighted)
Dynamic Range:
116 dB
Common Mode Rejection:
> -80 dBu @ 1 kHz
0.03% @ 0 dBu

Physical Properties

0.65 kg

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