Phonitor One is a concisely featured headphone amplifier built from highly desirable components and designed with audiophiles in mind.

True FET Preamp Stage

The Phonitor One’s preamp stage is powered by two Burr-Brown OPA 2134 SoundPlus op amps specially designed for audiophile circuits and emitting a low distortion value of just 0.00008%. The preamp’s true FET stage allows for a slew rate  of 20V/µs resulting in a high-speed op amp and a jump in playback liveliness.

Class A/B Power Amp

The output stage of Phonitor One has been specifically designed as a push-pull configuration in class AB mode. Bipolar transistors then share amplification of both positive and negative half waves to produce higher output voltage and gain, even when compared to Class A operation.

The Phonitor One’s power amp output stage transistors are each thermally coupled to run coherently and contribute to a reliably consistent stereo image during listening.

Phonitor Matrix

Inherited from some of SPL’s most revered high-end headphone amplifiers, Phonitor Matrix technology is a powerful tool that emulates the experience of mixing on studio monitors, translated to headphones.

Phonitor One features a center level preset hardcoded to -1 dB as well as a default speaker angle of 30 degrees to assume the most popular mixing settings.

On the Phonitor One's front panel, the Crossfeed function can be used to determine the crosstalk between channels, a technical metric known as "interaural level difference.”


Max Input:
+22.5 dBu
< 60 dB
Source Impedance:
20 Ω
Frequency Range:
10 Hz - 200 kHz (-3 dB)
-97 dBu (A-weighted, 600 Ω)
0.013 % (0 dBu, 10 Hz – 22 kHz, 32 Ω)
Max Output:
2 x 330 mW (250 Ω)
-75 dB (1 kHz, 600 Ω)


Operating Voltage:
+/- 17V analogue, +/- 19V head-amp
Switch Adaptor:
Mean Well GE18/12-SC
DC Plug:
(+) pin 2.1mm; (-) outside ring 5.5mm
100 - 240 V AC; 50 - 60 Hz; 0.7 A
12 V DC; 1.5 A

Physical Properties

210 x 49.6 x 220 mm (WxHxD)
Shipping Weight:

Main Features

  • 2x balanced jack inputs
  • 2x mono RCA inputs
  • Burr Brown SoundPlus op amps
  • Class A/B power amp
  • Thermally coupled output transistors
  • On-board Phonitor Matrix
  • Crossfade control to manipulate crosstalk settings
  • Up to 22.5dB gain thanks to 17V operation
SSP (inc VAT) £ 399.00
Code SP-S1PHO1
EAN 4260149322395