With Sonarworks' SoundID software the world's mixing engineers, producers and songwriters can finally achieve consistent and accurate studio reference sound in every project, every time.

SoundID's unique calibration technology ensures the frequency response target of any monitor or headphone is completely flat across all audible frequencies, delivering superior translation and allowing faster mixing decisions.

Calibrate In Under 20 Minutes

For speakers and studio monitors, SoundID's intuitive set up process delivers unique speaker and room calibration in under 20 minutes. The Sonarworks Reference Mic is an ideal tool for this process, but any good measurement microphone will be up to the task.

Meanwhile headphones can be calibrated automatically using Sonarworks' preset bank of more than 280 profiles covering all major studio headphone brands a models.

Real Time Adjustments

SoundID's new 'Custom Target' feature means targeting curves to make even minute adjustments during playback can be achieved in realtime and with no interruption to the mixing or recording process.

Playback Device Type Simulation

Also new in SoundID Reference is a brand new device translation tool. Rather than running tirelessly from radios to mixing desks to carseats, 'Translation Check' allows users to compare performance in a variety of listening scenarios, all without leaving their mixing workstation.

Main Features

  • Save as many speaker calibration profiles as needed
  • More than 280 headphone profiles available
  • Make real time 'custom target' curve adjustments
  • Simulate 20+ devices and device types for accurate translation
  • 3 filter modes: Zero Latency, Mixed and Linear Phase
  • Additional DSP processing controls: Mono, Dry/Wet and Safe Headroom
  • MIDI mapping in the SoundID Reference app for various controls
  • Switch quickly between user preset output device/channel combinations
SSP (inc VAT) £ 249.00
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