True-Fi is an app that allows users to listen to music without colouration from headphones, presenting audio as it was designed to be heard at the time of recording. Sonarworks’ underlying SR (Studio Reference) technology achieves this by using a unique sound processing engine combined with high resolution filtering technology.

Along with tailoring sound based on age and gender to accommodate for globally researched natural hearing loss, True-Fi also tailors music to align with specific models of headphones. Over 280 models are already compatible and family is constantly growing.

To find out if your headphones are compatible, check the Sonarworks list. Or if you're ready to try True-Fi for yourself, download a free trial here!

Main Features

  • 287 supported headphone models and counting
  • Sonarworks SR (Studio Reference) sound on your headphones
  •  Personalized hearing configurations
  •  Customized sound preferences
  •  157 supported headphone models and counting
  •  Supported sample rate on Mac currently up to 96 000 Hz
  •  Supported sample rate on Win up to capabilities of your WASAPI device

System Requirements

Mac, Windows, (iOS/Android coming soon)


Sample rate:
96KHz (Mac), WASAPI (Win)
SSP (inc VAT) £ 70.00