When the 2d card and MIO Console v.5 was released for Metric Halo interfaces, they introduced a new feature called Character. To create Character beta testers were asked to send in their favourite analog processing devices; the mic pres, DIs and EQs that they used for recording, mixing and mastering. SpectraFoo was then used to measure the ways that these processors changed the sound run through them, in particular the way the analog circuits add distortion. Metric Halo then modelled this distortion using their +DSP technology.

Now they've brought this technology to Pro Tools as the Character AAX plug-in for Pro Tools 10. Character provides over 20 different models, incorporating the sound of tubes, transformers and solid state devices. Character for Pro Tools also adds a Drive control to allow you to push the distortion even harder for over-the-top sound mangling.

System Requirements

  • Pro Tools 10 running on a Mac or PC
  • Audio Units compatible DAW or other application running on Mac
  • iLok account

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